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Sick System (series) "Mauled Mothers."

The following poem is part of an intended ongoing series regarding the savagery of the system, and those affected, in poetic detail without reference to a particular person, place, thing, or actual event. Quiet as kept, cases involving injustice are not foreign to any of us since they're reported nearly 24/7. (Picture credited to gamestime.com)
.Our wealth is our power. Through your pain, your pleasure, your seed shall be plucked one day like a flower

.Suffer you shall for the lack of privilege, even before the hand strikes every hour

.Our world reeks the stench of poverty in every village we pillage

.Your "loving man" will flee from under you, leaving you to cry a tear or two

.Unaware, nor tend to care we plot to plunder like thunder and lightening onto you

.Sum totals from the seeds you breed shall feed our courts the corruption it needs

.Deductions from your reproductions. Covert cash kickbacks to our pockets, to feed our greeds

.Work two or three jobs, even at the expense of your health

.Uncle Sam is laughing, banging at your door, with a notice totaxyou till death!

.The very two things he's assurred you, as you gasp for breath

.Housebills hound you, landlords lack sympathy for you, banks furiously foreclose on you. How much pain can you take?

.Satan now hears, even smells your sorrows from high above, then enters your body down here below

."Sell it! Pay the rent, that's why I was sent!" He says silently to your soul

.Desperate, you degrade your own body

.Destroying your own dignity for every dollar, from any then everybody

.Many days have come to pass, you've earned enough cash

.Suddenly, a stranger appears with an offer of wealth, in exchange for pleasure with each other

.Before you consent, handcuffs are quickly upon your wrists, revealing he's the law undercover

.A judge now sees you, displeased with you, and even refuses to hear you as you cry out, "What about my kids???!!!

.Enter child services seizing them like unclaimed property

.Bidding and bouncing them around town like a game of Monopoly

.Years quickly come later as ten, then twenty. Society has sealed its doors to them leaving crime as its only hope for them

.The law appears once again, undercover. Dead to rights caught, they are led away, with the law ignoring their tears

."Profit off the pain of the poor is a prosperous program indeed." We sang as the smoke clears, and out comes the sun

When its all said and done, our unrelenting reign for control has begun! Three souls........ FOR THE PRICE OF ONE