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Enslavement for Entertainment

The following is my poem addressing the incarceration of all animals, far and abroad in poetic description. I hope all that reads this piece think very long and hard the next time they enjoy going to their local zoo, circus, rodeo, racetrack, and any animal-related event. (Pictures credited to amaco.com, globalpost.com, and picstopin.com)
.Behind bars we see eyes expressing lifeless emotion

.Chains collard to our necks as we hollar highest to the clouds

.Whips bashing our backs, we cry loudest to the crowds

."Lock them, mock them, clothe them, loathe them, clean, then demean them!" They say

.Taken from our lands, and sealed in ships like sold slaves

.Pulled into public views you call "zoos."

.Displaced for displays. Disgraceful that you assume we are playful, even tasteful as dinners at diners you pay

.How dare you detain us like terrorists at Gitmo Bay?

.Do we not have civil rights you've all fought for generations?

.Though we cannot speak, our march for freedom can be heard in our hearts

.Is watching an ape climbing the highest building, then killed your entertainment for detainment?

.Caged inside with no room to roam

Chained to our necks outside with nowhere to run

.Hunted, hounded as we flee to any land with a rising sun

Who are the REAL animals who enslave for entertainment.......then kill for fun?

Add These People to Your List 17.Feb.2014 13:18

Tracy Mapes

...these People Hear.