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Crude oil terminal on the Willamette?!? URGENT.

"The Arc Logistics website lists the Portland site among its terminals and describes it as "capable of receiving, storing, and delivering heavy and light petroleum products," by both rail lines and marine vessels"
""The hope would be that short of unforeseen accidents they wouldn't be a concern for the river," "

Yep - that "unforeseen accidents" thing - like spills, de-railed train fires, leaks, explosions...who could have guessed any of that stuff would happen?


From the EF! journal 17.Feb.2014 07:19


Spills 18.Feb.2014 18:28

Granny M

"At least 10 times since 2008, freight trains hauling oil across North America have derailed and spilled significant quantities of crude, with most of the accidents touching off fires or catastrophic explosions."

 link to www.sctimes.com

And barge shipping isn't much better:

 link to usnews.nbcnews.com


65 miles - that would mess up a lot of river. 23.Feb.2014 22:33

Granny M.

"A 65-mile stretch of the Mississippi River, including the Port of New Orleans, was closed to all water traffic Sunday (2/23)as crews cleaned up oil that spilled from a barge after it ran into a towboat "