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Report? Re: Pipeline Protest

Re: 6pm last evening (monday) at Shrunk Park
We had our own little protest above the I-5 here in Vancouver. Anyone go to Portland's & can report back?

From the Car 06.Feb.2014 07:38


I didn't know it was going on. I drove past. What a nice action! I saw people with candles and large signs, and heard chanting. Of course I honked as I was passing.

I hope people will continue to post when actions are occurring. I might turn out for many causes based on my schedule. But I am allergic to Facebook. I miss the days when every action was posted here.

I concur 06.Feb.2014 13:35


It's too bad that a few have turned conversation and discussions here into outlets for their cynicism without attribution for their or even discussion of the reasons for their cynicism. A few tried to quell the tide, but most simply gave up and it's handicapped a resource for we who have the same allergies as From The Car as a go-to place for actions. I have to have a personal list or place a link on the machine so that it's a recognized data stream? Indymedia's attributes might make it an ideal place post. It doesn't require cookies, doesn't need active X or java...C'mon. Folks I know dismiss Indymedia as a joke and don't make the effort to even use the calendar to post events. They keep it among themselves and then wonder why the attendance is small. Makes absolutely little sense.

Legacy 06.Feb.2014 14:19

Den Mark

Maybe it would help if people remembered the brave bold beginnings of Indy, which were at WTO/Seattle/'99, a turning point for The Movement. I have great respect for IMC's, including PIMC. Thank you to all who remain faithful to the ideal.