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Entrance to the courtcase against the Portland Police

There is a federal hearing on the settlement agreement between the City of Portland and Dept. of Justice. The last part to this agreement is what you the public think and the judge wants to hear from you. You can go to the hearing on the 18th of February at 0900 in the Fed. courthouse in Rm 13B.
After Jose Serrica was refused entrance to the federal courthouse on the 31 of January because he did not have a picture ID with him Individuals For Justice wrote to Judge Simon. We requested that a way be found to allow people into the courthouse who did not have a picture ID and he agreed with us. Read the following response from the court and know I will assist anyone who wants to go and be part of this hearing. We need a picture of you, your full name and your desire to attend the court hearing that will take public testimony for the first and only time before the judge makes his ruling. Please feel free to contact me with any questions on this, I am determined to make sure all who want to go, can.
"Justice for one is a privilege; Justice for all is a right!"

Mr. Walsh,

Thank you for raising this important issue. Judge Simon shares your desire to ensure that persons be allowed to attend the Fairness Hearing even if they do not have a government issued photo identification. The Court agrees with your suggested proposal and accepts your offer to submit to the Court two business days in advance of the hearing a list of names along with corresponding photographs and your acknowledgement of each person's identity. We appreciate your willingness to coordinate this submission.

We are copying this email to counsel for all of the Parties, including the Albina Ministerial Alliance Coalition for Justice and Police Reform, and any of the Parties may similarly provide the Court with a list of names and corresponding photographs of potential attendees who do not have a government issued ID.

The Fairness Hearing is scheduled for Tuesday, February 18th. Because Monday, February 17th is a federal holiday, the Court will need the list of names and corresponding photographs submitted before 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday, February 12th, in order to allow court security two business days to prepare for the hearing.

The Court is allowing this limited exception to its requirement that all persons entering the courthouse must have a current, government issued ID. Thus, if a person does not have a government issued photo ID and is not included on a list timely submitted to the Court, that person will be denied admission to the courthouse.

Thank you for your willingness to assist in this matter.

Mary Austad
Courtroom Deputy for The Honorable Michael H. Simon
U.S. District Court

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