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Hippies, Pranksters are Scumbags, Drug+Human Traffickers

Warning to our communities. The so called 'peace and love' folks, may seem innocent, as I thought long ago, but at the top reveals an underworld of human trafficking, drug smuggling and murder. Please beware those seeking trim jobs, and innocent side money.
I have spent years, my entire adult life on the streets, often I have felt it would be a good opportunity to work for the 'hippies'. They seem innocent, the good guys side to a government filled with corruption.

I have found only murder, and awful things go on behind the smiles and rhetoric. They are not the innocent people they seem. They are in fact the same corrupt government players, just showing a different face.

From the CIA drug smuggling, which has been rumored and occasionally proven to be linked to Presidents. To the innocent 1960's acid tests and playful pranksters who's motto is 'Never trust us'. Ties to pre-WW2 nazi groups show something much more sinister going on.

In the hills of Garberville California, a refuge, and almost headquarters to hippies shows one of the highest missing persons rates in the nation.

Nothing but 'peaceful and loving'?

Beware for your children, what starts out as an innocent habit belies a ruthless underworld, where once you're in, it's hard to get out; alive.

Hopefully legalization will stem the tide of violence. I would give more facts here, but I am afraid for, and value my life. You can google.

Just be careful.

I will say I believe the folks responsible for the murder of JFK and MLK are the same involved in this. Don't expect someone involved in one aspect to know about all the others. It's cell type organizing, the same terrorist groups use.

Oh and terrorist activity I believe to stem from the same source. The middle easter stuff we hear so much about, prompted by these 'security' and 'intelligence' agencies as an excuse to invade other countries, for of course, world domination. What else. Pure evil villain stuff, but this is not a joke.

The Aga Khan, Leader of Shia Muslims, the same who are at war or jihad with Sunni muslim, are the same known for the word assasin, hashasin. Hashish smokers, they would use drugs, and tales of paradise (like hippies) to coerce them to murder. The templars of old associated with such, and possibly got some ideas from them. The same Templars that literally invented modern banking. No, freeking kidding.

Beware Dem Hippies! Dem Bogeymen Gonna Gitch'a! 01.Feb.2014 09:38


The world of artists and nonconformists goes way back. Like, forever. For example, the Hobos, the men and gals who rode the rails to find "work" during the first Great Depression, and also the prohibition tipplers. They were superseded by the Beatniks, who were sardonic hipsters who mostly cast off the Hobos. Then came the Hippies, who had a tenuous-at-best relationship with the Beatniks.

I doubt that they are very active these days (I was one of them).

Certainly they were infiltrated by the CIA. the mafia, the Nazis even. Which is why we always organized as "cells" (small circles of 5 to 9 people).

Some small circles are fine and beautiful, some are dominated by crooks and parasites, some harbor corporate/government operatives. That the powers that be will go to such lengths to subvert the "Hippies" shows that they are considered to be of some significance.

One can safely deal with these "Hippies" by simply avoiding circles that are corrupt or infiltrated.

asshole 09.Dec.2017 16:54


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