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Which one of these is IndyMedia?

It appears that only 1 of the 5 global imc network Cascadia sites is functional and belongs in the "Cascadia" section.

british columbia (ca)
portland << This one works and is IndyMedia, the others should be removed from the "Cascadia" listing.
rogue valley
vancouver (ca)

Thanks! 30.Jan.2014 17:22

( i ) bee

We will look into this and update the site.

Three months later same old same ol 22.Apr.2014 22:01


Most of them claim to work but nothings on them. One goes to a personal blog and another has a weird redirect to Yahoo. WTF?

Who actually owns and controls the indymedia.org domain? Maybe readers can just contact them directly. I hear Portland indy emails go unanswered, I assume for lack of staff.

"Who actually owns and controls the indymedia.org domain? " 08.Sep.2014 01:43


if you mean the portland subdomain, that information has been published multiple times but is always removed. so much for transparency/accountability. try a google search.