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Inner Guidance: Fact or Fiction?

Do you wonder whether your own inner guidance is real? Do you wonder how to truly tune in to better listen to that sometimes, subtle inner voice?
Expert on the topic, Anne Archer Butcher, will be visiting Portland to share astounding stories from her new book Inner Guidance: Our Divine Birthright published by Eckankar.

"Inner guidance," she says, "is an exceptional spiritual tool. It opens the door of the heart to divine assistance, like having the wisest person in the world at our shoulder, helping with every decision.

"Who wouldn't want that?

"The stories in this book are from my own personal exploration of inner guidance. I offer them in the hope they will show you the way to your own stories, your own realizations of this wealth of guidance and direction in your life. It's waiting for you to discover and cultivate for your own greatest good on every level—spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical."

Anne is an award-winning producer and writer, mother and wife, businesswoman and member of the Eckankar clergy who speaks at international gatherings.

Local Appearances:
Wed, Mar 5 (7-8:30pm)—New Renaissance workshop and book signing;
Fri, Mar 7 (7-9pm) and Sat, Mar 8 (2-9pm)—Unity Church of Portland (4525 SE Stark) Travel the Road to Spiritual Freedom, Eckankar Oregon Regional Seminar, Children and Youth Programs, ages 5-18;
Sun, Mar 9 (11am-3pm)—Eckankar Center of Portland (7904 SE Milwaukie) for talk, service and hospitality.
For more info eckankar-oregon.org/800-258-8730.