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Permaculture Is Empowerment

We've been made to believe that the small things don't matter; that the impact of the individual is outweighed by the power of corporate controlled, centralized governments. We've been told that the basic necessities must be purchased, lending itself to reliance on foreign resources and robbing the individual of any control within his or her community.
It wasn't always this way.

We must remember the power we have as individuals and community members. It is within us now and waiting to be channeled into something larger than ourselves.

Here in the jungle of Costa Rica we're not trying to escape the "real world". The reality is, we're out here processing and applying the revolution in the most real way we know to be possible. In our co-op, we're reclaiming the knowledge and power to provide for our communities from The Corporatocracy that runs our world.

Permaculture is the applied science of revolution; the art of raw living. The work we're doing here has helped myself and others communicate the possibility of a better world to those submerged in the system that's calling our labor, time, and resources their own. It continues to demonstrate the abundance present in a life lived with intention and awareness.

It is time to start benefiting directly from our labor. We need change now!

What's so beautiful about permaculture is that it can be applied anywhere. It is just as powerful and effective in Portland, Oregon as it is in the bush of Australia or the frozen tundras of the North. It is a set of principles that allow every individual to rise up and empower themselves and each other to create real, positive change.

Permaculture practices have been helping me to focus my revolutionary energies into projects that empower my local communities and at the same time withdraw legitimacy from the corporate machine that I do not wish to support.

The violence perpetrated against foreign lands (and our own citizens) is a necessary evil to sustain our current way of life. This is why war is raging in dozens of countries and more war is on the docket. We are asking too much of the world without giving anything back. From our collective exploitation of people working for pennies or even nothing a day to the pillaging forests, rivers, and soil that is absorbing the costs of our actions, externalities never seem to be part of our global "TPS report" (yeah, we're gonna have to go ahead and ask you to come in on Saturday... .) Guess some folks didn't get the memo.

We do not have to stand for this. Here at our finca, we DON'T. In our globalized society, the small things matter. There's so much you can do:

Join a Community Supported Agriculture farm near you right away. Join a local food co-op. Divert what funds you can from the Wal-Marts of the world and send that energy back into your own neighborhood. Make your own soap. Make your own fuel. Grow your own tomatoes, they will taste better anyway. Dig up your lawn, like tomorrow, and put in a garden. That's real power.

You do not need to be some hippy farmer to make sense of these ideas. Just a few short decades ago it was the way of the world. Corporate dominance of every sector of our economy and lives was not always how it was. Lets learn to work together again with our neighbors. If you need a little practice just come hang out with us in the jungle for a while.

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