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Why the Trans-Pacific Partnership is a bad idea

NAFTA has shown a sure result of free trade agreements is they punish and benefit certain sectors of various societies. The Trans Pacific Partnership is a similar bad idea that will enrich the elite rich at the expense of the middle classes.
H. Ross Perot, the independent candidate for US president in 1992, said if NAFTA, the North American Free Trade Agreement, were passed you would hear a "giant sucking sound" as jobs left the US for Mexico.

Well, there was no giant sucking sound caused by an immediate job loss after Clinton won the election and NAFTA was passed in 1994; but since then NAFTA has caused the destruction of hundreds of thousands of good middle class manufacturing jobs in the US that were sent to Mexico, causing the erstwhile holders of those jobs in the US to be displaced to lower class service jobs.

The so-called Trans-Pacific Partnership, or TPP, as secret as it is, is apparently little more than another trade agreement among nine nations, including the US, Canada, Japan, Australia, Vietnam, Peru and others, and most likely will produce the same results in the US as NAFTA, hollowing out even more middle class manufacturing jobs that have survived in the US.

According to capitalistic economic theory, free trade raises living standards for everyone if trade restrictions between nations are removed since it allows nations with particular natural resources to specialize in producing what they can at the lowest cost, thus providing more and more goods for everyone at the lowest cost. The fly in the ointment is that providing goods at the lowest cost does little good if consumers do not have enough disposable income to purchase them.

NAFTA has shown a sure result of free trade agreements is they punish and benefit certain sectors of various societies, causing in the US the crony capitalists at the top of large manufacturing corporations to be enriched while the productive workers at the bottom of their corporations lost their jobs and paid the price for supposed economic progress. For sure we do not need any more economic progress like this.

The Trans Pacific Partnership is a similar bad idea that will enrich the elite rich at the expense of the middle classes of the rich nations signatories to the agreement, exacerbating the ghastly global inequality that has grown exponentially from year to year since at least 1980.

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Rally at PSU to stop TPP - FRIDAY 1.31.14 30.Jan.2014 17:45


TPP rally in the park blocks by the PSU Smith center on Friday at 12 noon January 31 2014
After the rally, going downtown and then on the Max out to Bonamici's office

Phree Trade = De-Bidding 30.Jan.2014 21:53


Race to the bottom = "de-bidding". Nations that have high wages are de-bidding their industries (if tariffs are absent). States that have low social benefits are de-bidding their poor residents to high benefit states. (De-bidding is off-loading.)

Race to the bottom = "de-bidding".

If you own less than $5,000,000.00 of relatively expendable money, you are financially insecure.

Now The Corporate Supremacists Want To TAKE IT ALL Away With Their "TPP"!


Perhaps Trade Is Bad 28.Jan.2014 21:28


Trade could be over rated.

Imagine a world with out trade.

No ships? And no trains to those ships?

Look at all the food and lumber produced here.
Could it feed us and produce our home at lower cost.

Trade appears to make our local resources scarce.
Trade appears to make your union week.
Trade appears to make the middle class shrink.
Trade is for the rich.

No buttons and no bananas.

Video: Trans-Pacific Partnership Community Forum 28.Jan.2014 22:37

Jim Lockhart videoactivepdx@gmail.com

Four recent presentations on the Free Trade Agreement, Trans Pacific Partnership.


Speakers and themes:
David Delk, Alliance for Democracy -
Leaked chapters of the TPP, Wikileaked IP chapter, Investor chapter - attacks on democracy;

Mike Losier, Portland Rising Tide
TPP & climate change;

Dr. Valerie Francisco-Menchavez, Sociology Professor at the University of Portland
Mega typoon/climate disaster in the Philippines (& economic imperialism);

Greg Pallesen - President of Association of Western Pulp & Paper Workers
TPP and job loss, race-to-the-bottom;

Elizabeth Swager - Director of Oregon Fair Trade Campaign
Status of TPP negotiations, Fast Track and strategy to win.

Trade vs Free Trade 29.Jan.2014 00:00


Your musings on trade demonstrates the difference between humans trading goods and services between and amongst one another and so-called "Free Trade" shoved down our throats by transnational corporations. Free trade has everything to do with creating vast inequality between the participants, for the purpose of creating vast amounts of shareholder wealth.

The TPP will prohibit governments from restricting trade which the citizens have deemed environmentally or socially unacceptable to their countries. Governments will no longer have the right to even protest huge corporate projects such as the Pebble Mine proposal, LNG on the Columbia, fracking everywhere, selling of municipal water systems, coal transport through cities and down our rivers, so much more. Regulatory agencies will no longer have any authority to stop dangerous projects.

It will be so much more difficult to challenge the primacy of big corporations if TPP goes through. Our food, medicine, and water supplies will be much more precarious if this "Free trade' monster gets shoved down our throats. There will have to be a lot more bodies on the line if this thing goes down.