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School Shooters- 'Anti'psychotic drugs - CIA/JFK -

The connection between shootings and pharmies.
Anti-psychotic drugs atrophy pre-frontal funtion. The Prefrontal cortex is responsible for understanding consequences of future actions, good/bad rationalizing- social behavior.

They work on 'depression' by retarding function that deals with good/bad, and more importantly guilt (emotion).

Depressed people, in urban situations, are often living lives that are in conflict with, or in moral dilemma.

The use of these drugs (opposite action to LSD, developed as a result of research into) was developed during the drug tests in the 30's-40's-50's and 60's.

At the same time, big research into hypnosis was being done. Jack Ruby is quoted as saying a new form of government will be coming soon, following JFK assassination. (Walter Bowart-Operation Mind Control)

It is imperative you read Operation Mind Control.

All the school shooters were on anti-psychotics----

All part of the plan, (Dulles bros') to institute a new world, whereby American law and order no longer exist.

These drugs are sig. in shooters as they facilitate hypnotic programming and acting in a way that is contrary to acceptable social standards- and eliminating guilt or rationalizing that their acts are 'wrong'.

They all spent time in institutions which was an opportunity to be programmed hypnotically for these acts.

A step in removing guns from the American population.

Part of the process was eliminating civil rights leaders.. as well as JFK who was going to reorganize the intelligence arm of the gov. and fire the Dulle's bros. Nazi' sympathizers.

I noted at my time in the institution I was given a test, along side my friend whom we'll call 'Cathy'.

A man drew a triangle with a sentence inside.. let's use the classic one (the one used I don't remember however used the word cat I believe)

Paris in the
the springtime

I noticed after a moment the double use of the word 'the'.
'Cathy' did not. After much trying, she asked as she did not understand what was going on.

It was explained, the word 'the' appeared twice. She got upset and retired to another occupation.

This is a demonstration of 'Top-down' vs. 'bottom-up' brain processing.

Top-down processing is said to occur in the pre-frontal cortex. Someone who is a bottom-upper would not notice the double 'the's.

She had been on anti-psychotics for a long while. She was interred for acting violently in public.. I believe.
She was also held in a special unit, with locking doors- she had issues with violence and inappropriate behavior.