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Governor John Kasich Torture Demons Stole Away Our Vote of Confidence ...

This recent International demonic display of "vengeance is mine" being inflicted on Ohio prison inmate Dennis McGuire by Ohio Governor John Kasich,should caution all Ohio religious voters !
Hillary's Agenda*
Relax environmentalists,elite financed Think Tanks creating Hillary Clinton's 2016 Presidential political tasks,have Mother Earth on Hillary's Agenda !

@ Hillary's Habitat* & Hillary's Ready*


Hillary's Agenda* ‏@HILLARYSAGENDA 8h
"Very frightening that American elite$ who own & control the Peoples U.S. Congress via... " — HillarysAgenda  http://tinyurl.com/kmatqfz

Hillary's Agenda* ‏@HILLARYSAGENDA 22h
With torture executions carried out in America like this,who can point fingers at "axis of evil"
 link to www.naturalnews.com ... via @HealthRanger

OnEarth Magazine ‏@OnEarthMag Nov 11
Right side up or upside down? Whichever way this pelican is perched, this photo is a winner:  http://bit.ly/1j00v3P pic.twitter.com/nhPbImxVDg

OnEarth Magazine ‏@OnEarthMag Jan 1
This new year, stay #informed! Sign-up for our newsletter & never miss a headline:  http://j.mp/KhgpNt pic.twitter.com/pMZs4jFQZz

NRDC ‏@NRDC Jan 22
#Recycling seems like a relatively modern phenomenon. Instead, it has deep roots.  http://j.mp/1aI6VE8 via @OnEarthMag

OnEarth Magazine ‏@OnEarthMag Jan 22
Hate urban squirrels? We brought them here more than a century ago (just wait until you hear why...)  http://j.mp/1eA9gSm #TodayOnEarth

Rainforest Alliance ‏@RnfrstAlliance Sep 26
RT @ST4Good: Rainforest Alliance Global Impact par Ana Paula Tavares #lhforum pic.twitter.com/sufSSH88m3

Rainforest Alliance ‏@RnfrstAlliance Oct 8
This little cocoa tree frog was recently discovered in Suriname  http://ow.ly/pBPkZ pic.twitter.com/HyF7VSgpSq via @the_daily_green

Stratfor ‏@Stratfor Jan 23
Vietnam: A Delay in Nuclear Power Raises Energy Security Concerns - full analysis:  http://bit.ly/1hMiIDo

Stratfor ‏@Stratfor Jan 23
Sitrep: South Africa: Miners At 3 Major Platinum Producers Go On Strike  http://ow.ly/sS99R

David Sirota ‏@davidsirota Jan 23
President Obama, Democratic partisans and the NSA must really hate this report from the government's privacy board:  http://buff.ly/1eDbXCN

U.S. Radio News ‏@USRadioNews 23h
The President Will Replace NSA Mass Surveillance With ... Something -
President Obama says he will end the U.S....  http://j.mp/LrG5r6

Hillary's Agenda* ‏@HILLARYSAGENDA 23h
America's very first female U.S. President will be very well financed by
'Super PAC' consisting of women & men..  http://nyti.ms/1cZ1pdg

Hillary's Agenda* ‏@HILLARYSAGENDA Jan 23
@FortuneMagazine~Apparently Wall Street never taught Ohio Governor John Kasich that taking risks with other folks $$ + lives can be painful*

@FortuneMagazine~ Experience on Wall Street? Don't run for office.  http://money.cnn.com/2010/07/30/news/John_kasich_lehman.fortune/ ... ... via @FortuneMagazine

Hillary's Agenda* ‏@HILLARYSAGENDA Jan 23
@FortuneMagazine~Ohio Governor John Kasich "I witnessed more torment on Wall Street then Dennis McGuire felt in his Experimental execution"

Jessica Reed ‏@GuardianJessica Jan 22
Wow. By the prison pastor: "I witnessed Ohio's execution of Dennis McGuire. What I saw was inhumane"  link to www.theguardian.com ...

jonronson ‏@jonronson Jan 22
This terrible story of the Ohio execution gone wrong reminds me of Mr Death - one of my favourite documentaries:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7A1NMFtvWUw ...

"Anyone Who Witnessed That Execution Will Never Forget": A Prison Official Speaks  http://owl.li/sQbUV #Ohio #deathpenalty

GuardianUS ‏@GuardianUS Jan 22
"There is no question in my mind that Dennis McGuire suffered greatly over many minutes."  http://trib.al/uLqOXUh

Hillary's Agenda* ‏@HILLARYSAGENDA Jan 22
@TheWCS @ChelseaClinton~Would not want to be Elephant poacher caught in the crosshairs of Chelsea Clinton & President Hillary Clinton 2016*

WCS ‏@TheWCS Aug 5
Thanks @chelseaclinton for the mission to save elephants w/ @thewcs in Tanzania. Here w/ WCS Charles Foley pic.twitter.com/Asn2vAh1Xk

WCS ‏@TheWCS Aug 5
On a mission w/ @thewcs, saving elephants: @chelseaclinton meets chief park warden at Tarangire NP pic.twitter.com/7p7YODa0er

WCS ‏@TheWCS Nov 14
The #ivorycrush is about to begin at Denver's Rocky Mtn Arsenal Wildlife Refuge. Some of the ivory: pic.twitter.com/bJax6tQgPX

WCS ‏@TheWCS Jan 16
Ivory carving in evidence. @TheWCS @96Elephants pic.twitter.com/cLAy73vyZu

Hillary's Agenda* ‏@HILLARYSAGENDA Jan 22
Analysts Launch Hilton Worldwide Coverage At Buy | Fox Business  http://fxn.ws/1ekZDXG via @foxbusiness

Trevor Timm ‏@trevortimm Jan 21
ACLU: "It appears that the govt is concealing the existence of other bulk collection programs under the Patriot Act"  link to www.theguardian.com ...

Alex Abdo ‏@AlexanderAbdo Jan 21
Where are the other Section 215 bulk-collection orders? Hard to have a "vigorous debate" w/o them.  http://gu.com/p/3m423/tw via @attackerman

Hillary's Agenda* ‏@HILLARYSAGENDA Jan 22
England is apparently hearing America's howl against Secret Courts like our elite$ owned FISA Court..
 http://dailym.ai/1dyyXDh via @MailOnline

Hillary's Agenda* ‏@HILLARYSAGENDA Jan 22
FISA Court Judges Say They Don\'t Want Any Changes To How The Rubber Stamp Court Is Run  link to www.techdirt.com ... via @Techdirt

Hillary's Agenda* ‏@HILLARYSAGENDA Jan 21
We had a thought to send this You Tube video over to the Twitter files of King Kong Chris Christie  http://youtu.be/NS95suaHc18 via @youtube

Rijksmuseum ‏@rijksmuseum Jan 18
prachtig! RT @alexandradejong: Lente in huis. Thanks to @rijksmuseum pic.twitter.com/OTZtqLYxv5

Hillary's Habitat* ‏@HillarysHabitat Jan 21
10 Most Famous Trees in the World  http://www.touropia.com/famous-trees-in-the-world/ ... via @touropia

Hillary's Habitat* ‏@HillarysHabitat Jan 21
12 Most Amazing Volcanoes on the Planet  http://www.touropia.com/amazing-volcanoes/ ... via @touropia

Hillary's Habitat* ‏@HillarysHabitat Jan 21
10 Important Wetlands in the World  http://www.touropia.com/important-wetlands-in-the-world/ ... via @touropia

Hillary's Habitat* ‏@HillarysHabitat Jan 20
Stop The Slaughter Of Taiji Dolphins:  http://youtu.be/z-_NCmBEnRU via @youtube

Rijksmuseum ‏@rijksmuseum Sep 19
Come and see the #exhibition 'Ons dagelijks brood' of @HenkWildschut. Starts this Saturday.  http://bit.ly/1dodnzS pic.twitter.com/wd957wTbOh

#RijksSummer! Today, you'll hear a 'Happy Birthday' around Henry Moore's sculptures. He was born 115 years ago today. pic.twitter.com/MESd9dC1YH

Hillary's Habitat* ‏@HillarysHabitat Jan 21
With 17 million hungry USA kids praying nightly for food,President Obama & family pitch in on Martin Luther King Day  link to www.corrieredelgiorno.com ...

Hillary's Habitat* ‏@HillarysHabitat Jan 21
Pollution concern written in Italian newspaper also in English
«Decreto Ilva un punto di svolta» -Corriere del Giorno  http://www.corrieredelgiorno.com/2014/01/21/decreto-ilva-un-punto-di-svolta/ ...

Hillary's Agenda* ‏@HILLARYSAGENDA Jan 21
What is the FISA court?  link to www.cnn.com ...

Stuart Millar ‏@stuartmillar159 Oct 28
Then we discovered Congress was in the dark and FISA judges only knew what NSA let them. Now we told exec branch didn't know about programs

Trevor Timm ‏@trevortimm Nov 20
Multiple FISA court judges have now blasted NSA for chronic mismanagement. Why does Keith Alexander still have a job?  http://www.mcclatchydc.com/2013/11/19/209092/newly-declassified-documents-show.html ...

VICE ‏@VICE Nov 19
FISA Judges Slammed the NSA for Knowingly Violating Court Rules  http://bit.ly/1h0V6gb (via @motherboard)

Trevor Timm ‏@trevortimm Dec 18
NSA report recommends FISA court overhaul: adversarial process, declassification of opinions, selection of judges pic.twitter.com/zuj6ykTF8S

Ted Lieu ‏@tedlieu Jan 15
FISA judges' opposition to modest reforms shows they have lost judicial independence & simply do the bidding of #NSA.  http://lat.ms/1amPbuY

Herman Cain ‏@THEHermanCain Jan 15
Not so shocking: Secret FISA court judges don't want watchdogs spying on their secret courts  http://bit.ly/1aILRxN

Hillary's Agenda* ‏@HILLARYSAGENDA Jan 21
@HILLARYSAGENDA~little Americans are told secret FISA court judges are 4 the good of our countries security,USA prison torture is security?

Hillary's Agenda* ‏@HILLARYSAGENDA Jan 21
@HILLARYSAGENDA~American people are somehow not entitled to know if FISA judges minds accept torture of little Americans in Ohio & beyond ?

Matt Ford ‏@HemlockMartinis Dec 23
Europe's execution drug boycott led to the fewest U.S. executions in almost 20 years, according to the DPIC:  http://gu.com/p/3yb6x/tw

Dayna Rose ‏@daynar0se Jan 15
In 16th century Europe people lined up at just-finished executions with cups to get blood to drink to cure their diseases #StopWhitePeople

New Europe ‏@New_Europe Jan 16
Editor's Notes: UN says soaring number of mass executions in northern Syria could be war crime  http://bit.ly/L8PUcL

Rudolfo Baber ‏@zocupixexuwal Jan 16
The last executions of people convicted as witches in Europe took place in the 18th century.

Notorious MAD ‏@MultiverseOne Jan 21
We should thank the Danish for this. Lundbeck Blocks Sale of Nembutal for U.S. Executions -  http://NYTimes.com  http://www.nytimes.com/2011/07/02/world/europe/02execute.html?_r=0 ...

Hillary's Agenda* ‏@HILLARYSAGENDA Jan 21
"No Pain No Gain Ohio Executions" > Council of Europe condemns 'cruel' execution of Ohio killer, calls for protest  http://on.rt.com/5vlacm

Hillary's Agenda* ‏@HILLARYSAGENDA Jan 21
@ShareThis~As we have said many times previously,the only real protectors of little Americans, is our brave Inter+National Anonymous members

Hillary's Agenda* ‏@HILLARYSAGENDA Jan 21
FISA court faces legal challenges to secrecy | Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press  http://shar.es/UCHNM via @sharethis

Hillary's Agenda* ‏@HILLARYSAGENDA Jan 21
@ShareThis Robertson said. "I don't think that is a judicial function." - See more at:  link to www.rcfp.org ...

Hillary's Agenda* ‏@HILLARYSAGENDA Jan 21
@ShareThis~because the court only hears from government.Changes to the FISA framework madethe program more like "programmatic surveillance"

Hillary's Agenda* ‏@HILLARYSAGENDA Jan 21
@ShareThis~ Judge James Robertson,served on FISA Court 2002 to 2005,said at recent hearing that the court's decisions are ultimately flawed

Hillary's Agenda* ‏@HILLARYSAGENDA Jan 21
FISA court faces legal challenges to secrecy | Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press  http://shar.es/UC3Pm via @sharethis

Hillary's Ready* ‏@HillarysReady Jan 21
@tnr~U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts only person selecting FISA judges is scarier than U.S. District Court Judge Gregory Frost

Hillary's Ready* ‏@HillarysReady Jan 21
Your guide to Congress' FISA reform efforts via @tnr  http://www.newrepublic.com/article/115459/fisa-reform-legislative-guide ...

Hillary's Agenda* ‏@HILLARYSAGENDA Jan 21
@HILLARYSAGENDA~After witnessing how U.S. District Court Judge Gregory Frost handled Ohio's drug induced torture execution,where is Dr Phil?

Hillary's Agenda* ‏@HILLARYSAGENDA Jan 21
@HILLARYSAGENDA~U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts selects FISA judges,so America has 0 idea if Gregory Frost's mind is unique ?

Hillary's Agenda* ‏@HILLARYSAGENDA Jan 21
@HILLARYSAGENDA~Judge Gregory Frost commnet"This was a simple decision that anyone as qualified as me to be a future FISA judge can make !

Hillary's Agenda* ‏@HILLARYSAGENDA Jan 21
U.S.District judge Gregory Frost rules death row inmate is'not entitled to a pain free execution citing Antony Scalia  link to www.independent.co.uk ...

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is a mad man....pyscho killer! #hitler #PhotosDontLie  http://www.cnn.com/2014/01/21/world/meast/syria-torture-game-changer/ ...

@Chi_Shan~When asked how Ohio torture~execution differs from those of Syrian President Bashar Assad's,Governor John Kasich gave same comment

Tom Eggebeen ‏@castaway5555 Jan 21
What California can learn from Ohio's botched execution  link to www.latimes.com ...

Hot Chick News Tweet ‏@HotChkNewsTweet Jan 20
Assad Says He Might Seek Another Term (WSJ)  http://ift.tt/1e2p1RQ

Hillary's Agenda* ‏@HILLARYSAGENDA Jan 21
@HotChkNewsTweet~Syrian President Bashar Assad says he will seek another term in office after seeing prison execution~torture exists in Ohio

UberFacts ‏@UberFacts Jan 20
The Hoeryong concentration camp in North Korea currently holds 50,000 men, women and children who suffer torture and experimentation.

Hillary's Agenda* ‏@HILLARYSAGENDA Jan 21
@Platypus64~Dennis Rodman told WSJ his North Korean little dictator pal asked him to deliver a check 2 Ohio Governor John Kasich's Super PAC

Hillary's Agenda* ‏@HILLARYSAGENDA Jan 21
@Platypus64~BBC reports:China's CIC had Washington DC lobbying firm send discreet political contribution to Governor Kasich's Ohio Super PAC

Hillary's Agenda* ‏@HILLARYSAGENDA Jan 21
@Platypus64~BBC report:When Syria's Bashar Assad heard Governor John Kasich used a torture~execution,he sent the Kasich Super PAC million$$

Hillary's Agenda* ‏@HILLARYSAGENDA Jan 21
@Platypus64~Governor John Kasich told TMZ " I will attend all future Ohio experimental drug torture~executions wearing my new anonymous mask

Don't surrender ‏@Platypus64 Jan 20
Local #ACLU chapter in Ohio calls on governor to halt executions while Montana group is suing over protocol.  http://alj.am/1mlZDIo

WKYC Channel 3 News ‏@wkyc Jan 20
#Ohio ACLU urges Gov. Kasich to halt all 2014 executions. DETAILS:  http://on.wkyc.com/1dNHe6x . Do you agree? (Photo: AP) pic.twitter.com/nQO05DIysJ

Toledo News Now ‏@ToledoNewsNow Jan 20
ACLU asking OH Gov. John Kasich to halt executions after last week's untested method was used.  http://bit.ly/1dO04u5 pic.twitter.com/gkX3e7srr2