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Video: Stop The Sweeps - Portland Oregon 1.17.14

A message to the city by the houseless community on the steps of city hall

"Stop The Sweeps"
(10 min Video out-takes from MLK day march)

Demands to the city to stop the police sweeps of houseless camps
The city communication director came out to listen and talk with the people

Video: stop the sweeps - Million Mask March 2013 21.Jan.2014 20:09

Joe Anybody iam@joeanybody.com

 http://youtu.be/oXjiofsCPSI [2 min video]

This is a clip taken from a U-stream video by Joe Freedom
Filmed in 2013 at the Million Mask March in Portland Oregon

He gave a speech while filming Live (with his camera pointed toward the protesters)
I recorded the speech from a computer monitor

The message is clear ... STOP THE SWEEPS