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CALL CONGRESS our sovereignty is at stake!

INFo regarding the "Trans-Pacific Partnership or TPP or TPPA"
bad news for everyone who is not a billionar.
Have you heard of the Trans-Pacific Partnership or TPP or TPPA?

There's a reason so many of you are not aware of it, and that's because they don't want you to know about it until it's too late.

TPP is a "free trade" agreement being negotiated secretly between the U.S., Japan, Australia and several other Pacific rim nations by President Obama's Trade Representative, Ronald Kirk. Many have described TPP as NAFTA on steroids. The President has classified the text of the agreement so that you and I and even the majority of Congress are not allowed to see it, but the few that have are not allowed to take notes or discuss the details. They have, however, sounded the alarm bells, even going so far as to say our sovereignty is at stake. On the other hand, there are 600 corporate "advisors" who have real-time access to not only see the agreement but to contribute to it. Further, only 6 of the 23 chapters actually deal with trade. Why do you think that is?

It's because this "free trade" agreement is really a global corporate coup.

Recently, WikiLeaks released the Intellectual Property chapter. Remember SOPA and PIPA that we defeated? Well, they're pretty much in there and worse. The Washington Post's Timothy B. Lee's column is headlined, "Leaked treaty is a Hollywood wish list."

Here are some other things you should be concerned about:

TPP creates an investor state where foreign investor profits come before our own laws.

This would set Monsanto free by claiming family farmers are "barriers to trade" that hurt expected profits.

More U.S. jobs would be sent to low-wage countries where wages are half that of China. TPP lets corporations sue countries for lost profits caused by labor laws that hinder safety regulations.

This would make it nearly impossible to regulate banks and they would be essentially free to do whatever they want and corporations would be able to move money in and out of countries with greater ease to wherever wages are lowest, resources cheapest and laws the most lax.

TPP grants corporations legal status equal to sovereign nations by establishing international trade tribunals with more power than governments.

The "judges" in this system would consist of mostly corporate lawyers on leave from their regular jobs with multinational corporations.

The corporations could sue governments to overturn laws that infringe on their profits then the taxpayers would be forced to reimburse those corporations for their lost profits.

If TPP is passed, say goodbye to:

protecting the environment;

privacy and free speech on the Internet;

affordable medicine and health care due to never-ending patents;

our sovereignty!

In September, President Obama requested Congress authorize "Fast-Track" or "Trade Promotion Authority". This is essentially asking Congress to hand over their constitutional powers over trade. It would allow the President to sign the agreement before Congress sees it. Congress would only have an up or down vote with no public airing of the contents through hearings, no testimony from experts and no amendments.

This has not happened yet, and it is our first line of defense. Please contact your representatives and tell them NO on Fast Track and NO on TPP!


Want more information? There is a lot of information at the following links:

News (not mainstream of course):

Websites with Information:

WikiLeaks Leaked TPP Text:
WikiLeaks Press Release:  https://wikileaks.org/tpp/pressrelease.html
Intellectual Property Chapter:  https://wikileaks.org/tpp/
Notes from SLC Negotiations:  http://wikileaks.org/Second-release-of-secret-Trans.html


Organize a Teach-In:
Contact Irene Clark ( ireneclarkdenver@yahoo.com) or Roya Brown ( royanyan@gmail.com) to do a presentation on the subject to your organization, church, group of friends, etc.

Sign These Petitions:
Denver Post: Don't Ignore TPP:  http://petitions.moveon.org/sign/denver-post-dont-ignore
Congress: Don't renew "fast track" authority: http://petitions.moveon.org/sign/congress-dont-renew-fast

Share TPP With your Daily Newspaper and Be a Media Watchdog

Join us on Social Media and LIKE and SHARE:
Join the Twitter Storm: Twitter: @TPPMediaMarch
Facebook: TPPTuesdaysMarchOnMedia
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/FlushTheTPPDenver/

Find Their Contact Info Here:  http://www.contactingthecongress.org/
Despite over 150 Members of Congress signing on, NONE of Colorado's Members of Congress have signed the DeLauro-Miller letter opposing "Fast Track".
Representative DeGette's Position:  http://youtu.be/3QDf-JL7pnk
Representative Perlmutter's Position: http://youtu.be/mCUI5ehWvRM
Senator Bennet has made no public statement on the issue.
Senator Udall has made no public statement on the issue.

Here's a list of the Corporations behind TPP: http://www.flushthetpp.org/tpp-corporate-insiders/
Post on their Facebook Pages
Tweet about their participation
Send emails to them
Go to their local offices and speak to them.

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