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Fall In Love With HR 676 Which Is Single Payer Health Insurance

It's almost Valentines day and you should fall in love with single payer health insurance.
It might be January today but next month is February and then it will be Valentines day. Has anybody ever noticed that nobody at MSNBC ever mentions HR 676 or the organization ( Single Payer Action ) which is pushing for single payer health insurance. It seems that the talking points for Ed Schultz and the others at MSNBC are do not mention, talk about or interview anybody about HR 676 and just promote the affordable care act known as Obama Care. You might be asking what does single payer health insurance have to do with Valentines day? Well an easy answer is that besides candy and dinner with your sweetheart you might consider pushing for HR 676.
So what is HR 676? Well HR 676 is a single payer health insurance bill in the U.S. Congress which has not passed the House or Senate. HR 676 has no co-pays, no deductibles, no bills, no premiums and best of all it has no insurance companies. Yes it is paid for. You can find a link to HR 676 at the internet site of ( Single Payer Action ) and they ( Single Payer Action ) has plenty of news stories about single payer health insurance.
So to remind you one last time. Next time you watch Ed Schultz on television email him about HR 676 and ask him why he never brings it up.