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Human Experimentation and the CIA -

Surprising revelations about the Merry Pranksters, the CIA and the Death of JFK and Jimi Hendrix.
You might not believe this, but it's a fact. The Merry Pranksters, specifically Ken Babbs, was working with the CIA
to "it would appear to be important that field trials be made to determine the effects on groups of people or on individuals engaged in group activities." This was the official -=green light =-for the CIA's indiscriminate testing of LSD on unsuspecting Americans

Field trials, field tests... I wonder where that barrel of enough dose to dose the country came from, went to.

Dr. Ketchum working at Edgewood Arsenal had at one point a barrel of LSD in vials, enough to dose hundreds of millions of people in his office. It appeared one day, then disappeared 'mysteriously'.

Ken Babbs claims he doesn't know who supplied the acid tests with LSD. He was also a US Marine, the only one of his unit to escape the interrogation test. (Who shot the water buffalo)

Constantly filming, and otherwise recording all the group effects of LSD.

The government was trying to prevent revolt, to find a new way of controlling people. Instead they unwittingly unleashed "The 60's" on the american public. At which point LSD was made illegal and manufacture was changed from Bear Owsley (He got locked up and charged) and made with poisonous additives, or other chemicals were distributed in it's place. Still being called LSD, such is going on today with 2-Ci derivatives.

The tests were originated by actual Nazi scientists who experimented at Dachau concentration camp during WW2. Many of these tests involved orphan children, in horrific 'experiments' which left them brain dead.

When the 60's broke out 'leaders' were systematically assassinated, 4 in one week. Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Alan Wilson, and Pig Pen of the Grateful dead. (Don't forget Jim Morrison.)

The same thing they did to JFK, the same folks.

There was a coup in this country by the german-american bund, or brotherhood, an american pro nazi group in the 1930's.

The same folks that supported hitler during the war. Like the Bush family.

Put that in your pipe and smoke it. Call it all the dishwash you want. Look up the facts. All TRUE.

The Good old Days... 13.Jan.2014 22:47

Mystic Arts

I miss hanging out at Mystic Arts in Laguna Beach. That was the acid that was the light of my life at that time. Just a couple bucks a hit. I was only 17, but it felt like coming home with nowhere else to go. Everything was clear, both far and near. Later on got some crap fulla strychnine and thought I was gonna die. Whole different experience. Myth at the time was the Mafia had taken over -- we did not realize at the time that the CIA started it.

Mrs. Wagner's Pie 17.Jan.2014 12:26


This post is as flaky as Mrs. Wagner's pie. The CIA always had crummy, impure 'generic' acid. And a lot of ALD-15. The only real thing early on was from Sandoz labs in Switzerland. 100% pure LSD. To insinuate that the CIA cared enough about funky blues man Pigpen to actually kill him and not platinum political rockers Joan Baez and Pete Seeger strains credulity. Now Hendrix may have been killed for real, but by who and why will forever remain a mystery. His manager was a notorious wanna-be spy and all around shady globe-hopping hustler supreme. He stole millions & vanished. And Al Wilson of Canned Heat? Are you kidding or what? Did the spy brigades have it in for white blues musicians? Unlikely. And The Lizard King met his maker in a grungy Paris nightclub bathroom, reeling from a big shot of pure Marseilles smack. Who gave it to him will forever remain a mystery. Janis went out the same way. In our naivete of youth we saw these icons as almost superhuman, blessed by the universe itself with powers of artistic expression that united the so-called "youth revolution" of those times. And we were right to an extent. But the reality is also the fact that all of these people were seriously flawed in the drug department of life. Morrison, Joplin and Hendrix all had certified personal interest in screwing around with bad news dope as well as acid and weed.. Just like Jerry Garcia. They all were never real "junkies" per se', but they had enough curiosity to keep that demon within arms reach, and that's never a good idea. Now JFK and John Lennon are another story, and there's no doubt that they were killed by a government conspiracy, as were RFK and MLK and numerous Black Panthers. But 60's Rock Stars were almost programmed from birth to f+ck up royally unless they got an early grip. And in that crazed & turbulent era, no one ever really had a grip and unintended martyrdom was rampant.