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Where did all the radicals Occupiers go?

There seems a resurgence of activity in Occupy Portland, but wtf?
The True, Real, Genuine Occupiers of the Original, Unaltered Occupy Portland condemns the Corporate Takeover of "OCCUPY PORTLAND" name by corporate Friends of Occupy Portland, now the owner of "OCCUPY PORTLAND" as its business name (d.b.a.) according to Oregon Sectary of State. This bogus "OCCUPY PORTLAND" has also obtained State DEPARTMENT OF JUSTCIE license to operate a charity! Whatever happened to radical anarchist actions?

It looks like they resumed quite a few activities, but they all look like reformist compromised bullcrap. It abolished People's democratic General Assembly? Now elites run the show behind close doors maybe funded by OBAMA MOVE-ON whatever? It was bad when Our People's Revolutionary movement was copted by Democraps, TEA BAGGERS, Lyndon LARUSHE wingnuts, and "CASCADIA" white supremacist racial purity secessionists.

Where are the HOUSELESS and ANARCHO-QUEER radical insurrectionists who used to be THE OCCUPY?

I, Comrade Miq Czech, demands RE-OCCUPATION of ALL PDX PARKS to bring justice for all HOUSELESS comrades, and demands "FRIENDS OF OCCUPY PORTLAND" corporation an apology and compensation to Comrade AHUVIYA ROTEM HAREL for its ANTI-TRANS and ANTI-HOUSELESS oppressive violence. Comrade HAREL was assaulted by FOUR CIS MALES in November of 2012 during GENERAL ASSEMBLY because Ze was Trans and Houseless. Comrade HAREL feared for Zir life and forced to exile to Oakland, California.

This Could Easily Be Challenged Legally 14.Jan.2014 17:13


They can't legally claim such a well-known name. People could simply form a not-for-profit (no need for tax exemption) association (just needs a charter, not formal incorporation) and sue to get it back in the public domain.

Even more: A not-for-profit corporation usually is required to admit all previous "informal" participants as full members. So everyone demonstrably in the occupy movement can sue to be a member of the new corporation (perhaps in a class action).

But anyhow, I never believed in occupying physical places. When you do a demonstration, mobility is your friend!

membership 14.Jan.2014 21:10


some non-profits are membership organizations. according to the FOOP articles of incorporation it is a non-profit without members.

the reason behind this is that in a membership organization that's public benefit, membership roster is a public record. originally the spokes council wanted to avoid that, and to make the movement itself an organization with any defined membership.

for what's worth, FOOP does not have ownership or control over occupyportland.org web site. nor does it exercise any control over social media accounts named "Occupy Portland" or its variations.

those are all legal fictions, as all corporations are.