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God is the sun
aztec sun
aztec sun

La iglesia catolica dice que la palabra Dios significa luz, la luz del dia.

La luz del dia que se opone a la penumbra de la noche, a la oscuridad, al pecado.

Di=dia=Dios. El unico astro que hace la luz del dia es el SOL.

El sol es Dios, es la luz, es el dia y, esta en el cielo, en la tierra y en todo lugar.

El sol ha sido visto como Dios por las grandes culturas como la Persa y Azteca.

La religion catolica es de origen Arabe y por eso se define como: Di=dia=Dios=Sol.

Las culturas de este continente tenian razon: El sol es Dios, o Dios es el sol.


The Catholic church says that the word GOD mean light, the sunlight.

God is the sunlight opposed to the darkness of the night, catholics say.

Di=day=God. The only which makes the daylight is the SUN.

The Sun is in the sky, on earth and anywhere.

The sun has been seen like God by the greatest civilisations like Persan & Aztec.

The catholicism has a muslim origin, that's why: light=God=Sun.

The First Nations of this continent were right: God is the sun, or the Sun is God.


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The sunís magnetic field underwent a total reversal of polarity late last year 09.Jan.2014 18:04

Old Sol

This new year is acknowledged by our sun by a compleat reversal of the magnetic field. North becomes South. South becomes North. And in the mean time 'left' and 'right' also subtly switch their meanings.

 link to indiancountrytodaymedianetwork.com

This will happen to Earth someday, as it has happened many times. The magnetic poles are shifting. Hillsboro airport recently renamed their runway 27 to 28 to recognise that reality. Aside from from all the burnt out power lines and computers (from the voltage surges), Imagine what it will cost to reprint all of those maps?!! What will we do when South America is on top of the globe?