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ALERT: House Resolution to Declassify 28 Missing Pages of 9/11 Report

Congressmen Move to Declassify Key Part of 9/11 Report That They Say Could Indicate Hijackers Had Outside Help
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Congressmen Move to Declassify Key Part of 9/11 Report That They Say Could Indicate Hijackers Had Outside Help
Dec. 15, 2013 2:59pm
by Oliver Darcy, TheBlaze.com

Reps. Walter Jones (R-NC) and Stephen Lynch (D-Mass.) introduced a House resolution earlier this month urging President Barack Obama to declassify a portion of a government report that they say could provide evidence the 9/11 hijackers had outside help.

"[T]he information contained in the redacted pages is critical to our foreign policy moving forward and should thus be available to the American public," Jones said in a press release. "If the 9/11 hijackers had outside help - particularly from one or more foreign governments - the press and the public have a right to know what our government has or has not done to bring justice to all of the perpetrators."

H.R. 428 titled "Urging the president to release information regarding the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks upon the United States" would release to the public 28 pages of the Joint Inquiry into Intelligence Activities Before and After the Terrorist Attacks of September 2001, originally classified by President George W. Bush. [  http://beta.congress.gov/bill/113th/house-resolution/428 ]

"Twelve years after the horrific September 11 attacks, unanswered questions still remain," Lynch said in a press release. "These pages contain information that is vital to a full understanding of the events and circumstances surrounding this tragedy."

On Sunday, the New York Post published a report titled, "Inside the [Saudi] 9/11 Coverup." [  http://nypost.com/2013/12/15/inside-the-saudi-911-coverup ] Their report mentions the efforts to declassify the 28 pages that they say "isn't just blacked out here and there" but are "completely blank."

According to The Post, Jones and Lynch were "absolutely shocked" at the level of foreign state involvement in the attacks after reading the redacted portions.

But, the pair of congressmen can't reveal what they read without breaking federal law, The Post reported.

Leaked information, however, reportedly found "incontrovertible evidence" that Saudi Arabia, a supposed ally of the U.S., may have had a role in the attacks, according to The Post.

"The intelligence files cited in the report directly implicate the Saudi embassy in Washington and consulate in Los Angeles in the attacks, making 9/11 not just an act of terrorism, but an act of war," The Post added in their report.

The resolution to declassify the 28 portion of the report was referred to the House Committee on Intelligence on Dec. 2nd.

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Why On Earth... 09.Jan.2014 04:51


I mean really why the hell on earth should 28 fake pages of a fake report be classified? Stupid fantasies are now classified? Really?