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Destroy Sacramento*

An Open Letter to the Public & Attorney Michael Bowman
Dear Sir,

It is My Sincerest Interest that You Intervene in the Matter of Mose Trotter who is charged with the Murder of Caroline Sturgess . It' is My Sincerest belief that Moses Trotter's involvement in this Matter is the Direct Result of Previous Contact with the Sacramento County Sheriff Psychological Assessment contingent of the County Jail. He has been compromised by Being "Pinned" in the Head, which would mean any and all of his actions up to the Said Crime were not only Monitored by the Sheriff's Dept. but Encouraged as Well. Making them and their "Grant Funded" Experimentation on both Civilian and Prison Persons accomplices of any Crime Committed while under their care.

Dear Sir, My Name is Tracy Mapes, You Represented me in 2002 on matters related to Black Culture at the State Fair, and the Trespass of McClellan Air Park. And as I assisted You in Resolving My Own Matters, I hope that You will intervene in this Matter on My Behalf.

I know these things Sir, because I was so Compromised in 2011. My Brother In-Law was the Point of Contact in this Compromising and He Works for the Sacramento County Sheriff's Dept. (He is also Compromised). Take Care Tracy Mapes. You know I'm a Straight Shooter.

Re: I.T., Mind Fracturing, MK-Ultra

Compromised District Attorney Jan Scully was a Prostitute I frequented around 1990-91

\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ U.S. Citizen \\\\\\\\\\\\\ WARNING!!!! ////////////
2012 Media Subversion List - Coup D'Etat , Treason USA




*I Want These People Destroyed for What They are Doing to People's Lives and Their Complicity of the Corruption and Downfall of Our Entire Country. - Signed Tracy Mapes

This Means: Economically, Financially Crippled.