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Support Portland teachers and students in their efforts towards quality and equity in education by rallying at the Portland School Board meeting on Monday, January 13.
Rally in support of Portland teachers and students
Coordinated by Portland Student Union and Portland Teachers Solidarity Campaign

Monday, January 13
School Administration Building, 501 N. Dixon, Portland
Rally at 5:30 p.m.
March into School Board meeting at 6:00 p.m.


From the Portland Student Union Facebook page,

"Join the Portland Student Union and Portland Teachers Solidarity Campaign in packing the School Board meeting on January 13. The District can impose their contract at any time, so let's send them a message and demand that they meet at the table and settle with teachers in their fight for the schools Portland students deserve."

Please also contact the School Board at  schoolboard@pps.net demanding:
1. Smaller class sizes and workloads;
2. Wrap-around support services;
3. Rich curriculum in every school;
4. No school closures;
5. Less standardized testing; and
6. More academic freedom.

Thanks very much.


Park Rose

SOLIDARITY! - Monday @ 5:30

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ direction to the school district meeting ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^


Parent and Teacher Interview 04.Jan.2014 14:30

Jim Lockhart videoactivepdx@gmail.com

Public Access program, "A Growing Concern" from mid December 2013 featuring an interview with a parent and a teacher from the Reynolds School District, who went through this same situation about a year ago. Interesting conversation about this specific issue and the state of our education system in general.

Parent and Teacher Interview

Not About the Kids 06.Jan.2014 15:02

Quit Yer Lying

It is about teacher's jobs and don't have shit to do with kids' needs. Throw more money at the unions to indoctrinate the kids with progressive stupidity. Pajama guy anyone? Public unions should have to negotiate directly with taxpayers for their contracts, after all the taxpayers pay their generous salary. The ones that pay have no say and folks are getting sick of it.

Some facts 06.Jan.2014 16:57


The law has it rigged so that teachers can't bargain about kids needs. So any action must be couched in their own benefits.

And you pay corporate CEO's much more than teachers--and they just rip you off. At least teachers are sweating under tough conditions to do what's best. Otherwise, they'd go into a more financially advantageous profession.

where did the idea come from 06.Jan.2014 21:35


that public school teachers make big bucks?? They work really hard, well over eight hours a day, grade papers on the weekends, end up having to buy classroom supplies with their own money, often give students money when they can't afford to be in school, and they get this shitstorm from those who are opposed to teacher's unions, which is the only way they can bargain with the increasingly large, Leviathan management that's choked the public school system in the US.

You out there who think teachers have it easy--Try being teacher--after you get that Master's degree that's gonna cost you big bucks--and see what you think.

Hey Danny 08.Jan.2014 16:52


Give it a try sometime.

The Well-Read Here Won't Be Shocked. They Planned Our Demise 12.Jan.2014 18:40


Get used to sending your precious little babies into the hands of people you would never invite into your homes. You have, actually:


VIDEO: PACK THE SCHOOL BOARD MEETING! 1-13-14 14.Jan.2014 17:57

Solidarity with the Teachers

 http://vimeo.com/84149008 (video 7:45 min)

1-13-14 Students storm School Board
Video from Peter Parks

"Portland Student Union and the Portland Teachers Solidarity Campaign packed the School Board meeting on January 13th. The District can impose their contract at any time, so hundreds of students and parents gave them a message demanding Portland Public Schools stay at the table and settle with teachers in their fight for the Schools Portland Students Deserve! Smaller class sizes and workloads, wrap-around support services, rich curriculum in every school, no school closures, less standardized testing, and more academic freedom!"

Stand Up Fight Back - "DONT IMPOSE"