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Texas State Attorney General Greg Abbott Is A Menace to Any Civilized Society !

Texas Big Oil's State Attorney General Greg Abbott is still holding onto his set up prison captive named Hank Skinner! The State of Texas destroyed Hank Skinners most crucial DNA evidence,& this unfit State Attorney General Greg Abbott still wants to execute Hank as if Hank Skinner's State destroyed Exoneration DNA evidence proved him guilty !
Hillary's Agenda*
Relax environmentalists,elite financed Think Tanks creating Hillary Clinton's 2016 Presidential political issues,have Mother Earth on Hillary's Agenda !
**Twitter Censored Matrix**

80)Hillary's Agenda* ‏@HILLARYSAGENDA 40m
@HILLARYSAGENDA~When did our elite owned & operated USA judicial system begin allowing executions when defense DNA evidence is destroyed ?

79)Hillary's Agenda* ‏@HILLARYSAGENDA 45m
@HILLARYSAGENDA~Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott has tried for too many years to execute another set up little American named Hank Skinner

78)Hillary's Agenda* ‏@HILLARYSAGENDA 51m
@HILLARYSAGENDA~Hank Skinner sits in Big Oil's Texas Prison expecting USA to offer him real justice after Texas destroyed his DNA evidence !

77)Hillary's Agenda* ‏@HILLARYSAGENDA 55m
@HILLARYSAGENDA~The elite pay big$ to Think Tank minds & it took the Innocence Project to show us all the injustices inflicted on innocent ?

76)Hillary's Agenda* ‏@HILLARYSAGENDA 1h
@HILLARYSAGENDA~Elite owned & operated USA knows it has a major problem punishing innocent with guilty due to lack of legal representation <

75)Hillary's Agenda* &#8207;@HILLARYSAGENDA 1h
@HILLARYSAGENDA~A whole revolution was fought once in this country over injustices being inflicted on little Americans>New Enlightenment ?

74)Hillary's Agenda* &#8207;@HILLARYSAGENDA 1h
@HILLARYSAGENDA~Criminal Ken Anderson who set up an innocent man for 25 years in prison,should have been imprisoned for 25 years himself<

73)Hillary's Agenda* &#8207;@HILLARYSAGENDA 1h
Balderdash if Our ruling elite$ believe this Texas ex-prosecutor's sentence sends warning on wrongful convictions..  http://www.latimes.com/nation/la-na-prosecutor-misconduct-20131229,0,923426.story ...

72)Hillary's Agenda* &#8207;@HILLARYSAGENDA 3h
Bashar Assads plan to the tell U.N. he unlike Ugandan former dictator Idi Amin will not be crazy & die in Saudi Arabia  http://fw.to/yRQReYZ

71)Hillary's Agenda* &#8207;@HILLARYSAGENDA3h
@the_cheap_route~Bashar Assad will even soon address the U.N. to explain why he is converting to become a Falun Gong meditation member !

70)Hillary's Agenda* &#8207;@HILLARYSAGENDA3h
@the_cheap_route~Apparently Bashar Assad's billionaire clan only want Falun Gong meditation members as future citizens of their new country<

69)Hillary's Agenda* &#8207;@HILLARYSAGENDA 3h
Rumor has it Syria's billionaire Bashar Assad is buying Guilin China for his Clans future move..
 http://blog.thecheaproute.com/top-10-best-city-couch-surf/guilin-china/ ... via @the_cheap_route

68)Hillary's Agenda* &#8207;@HILLARYSAGENDA 15h
@foxnewslatino~Birther Donald Trump just called saying he assures everyone in the USA that Alan Gross has an American birth certificate !

67)Hillary's Agenda* &#8207;@HILLARYSAGENDA 15h
@foxnewslatino~Heard now from Cuban 5 lawyer>she claims her clients will join Greenpeace if they are released & sent home for the New Year*

66)Hillary's Agenda* &#8207;@HILLARYSAGENDA 15h
@foxnewslatino~Wow,North Korean Dennis Rodman just tweeted us to say he could hustle Raul Castro & Fidel Castro into a future NBA Cuba team!

65)Hillary's Agenda* &#8207;@HILLARYSAGENDA 15h
@foxnewslatino~We just got an Email from the wife of Cuban captive Alan Gross>she says her hubby has been working on his Russian accent !

64)Hillary's Agenda* &#8207;@HILLARYSAGENDA 15h
Alan Gross' is obviously no U.S. Senator John McCain:Health Declining in Cuba,Lawyer Says Fox News  http://fxn.ws/M4ulEV via @foxnewslatino

63)Hillary's Agenda* &#8207;@HILLARYSAGENDA 15h
Alleged Russian spy ring paymaster freed on bail  http://gu.com/p/2t384/tw via @guardian

62)Hillary's Agenda* &#8207;@HILLARYSAGENDA 15h
Russian sleeper spies sent packing in spy exchange  http://fw.to/6J8ZEgm

61)Hillary's Agenda* &#8207;@HILLARYSAGENDA15h
Freed Russian spy now adviser of Russian bank  http://www.cnn.com/2010/WORLD/europe/10/12/russia.chapman.bank/ ... #cnn

60)Hillary's Agenda* &#8207;@HILLARYSAGENDA 16h
@ShareThis~USA Presidents all know compassion~forgiveness over public relations when dealing with Inter+National human lives is Gods motto*

59)Hillary's Agenda* &#8207;@HILLARYSAGENDA 16h
Union women call for freedom of Cuban 5 peoplesworld  http://shar.es/9oTRl via @sharethis

58)Hillary's Agenda* &#8207;@HILLARYSAGENDA 16h
@HILLARYSAGENDA~Hard core www adult Twitter Porn seen by millions of www kids never gets censored,but Twitters political blogs like us do ?

57)Hillary's Agenda* &#8207;@HILLARYSAGENDA 16h
Twitter censorship? Posts now yanked country by country.  link to www.csmonitor.com ...

56)Hillary's Agenda* &#8207;@HILLARYSAGENDA 17h
Extend aid for long-term unemployed? Your Say  http://usat.ly/1ciJ4at via @usatoday

55)Hillary's Agenda* &#8207;@HILLARYSAGENDA 17h
Plastic made from pollution hits U.S. market  http://usat.ly/KfVAlm via @usatoday

54)Hillary's Agenda* &#8207;@HILLARYSAGENDA 17h
Obamacare Not A Total Disaster, Continued  http://nyti.ms/KhhV1f

53)Hillary's Agenda* &#8207;@HILLARYSAGENDA 18h
North Dakota Oil Fields Spur Employment and Population Growth - Sarah Jean Seman  link to townhall.com ...

52)Hillary's Agenda* &#8207;@HILLARYSAGENDA 18h
How Libertarians Fit In the GOP - Kevin Glass  link to townhall.com ...

51)Hillary's Agenda* &#8207;@HILLARYSAGENDA 18h
@HILLARYSAGENDA~We are not interested having Twitter users RT our Tweets>Twitter has always censored followers RT's from being seen by any1

50)Hillary's Agenda* &#8207;@HILLARYSAGENDA 18h
@HILLARYSAGENDA~ We gave up on being uncensored on our Twitter sites,we only copy & paste our tweets to place in various locales on the www<

49)Hillary's Agenda* &#8207;@HILLARYSAGENDA 18h
The continued Twitter Corp pretext of aggressive following to suspend our 3 accounts for political reasons is getting old* so were gone !

48)Hillary's Agenda* &#8207;@HILLARYSAGENDA 18h
Article | 'Green' Energy Kills Eagles  http://www.manhattan-institute.org/html/miarticle.htm?id=9860#.UsIcwAorzM0.twitter ...

47)Hillary's Agenda* &#8207;@HILLARYSAGENDA 18h
Article | Biofuel Mandates Help Special Interests at Consumers' Expense  http://www.manhattan-institute.org/html/miarticle.htm?id=9856#.UsIcmOwEc3k.twitter ...

46)Hillary's Agenda* &#8207;@HILLARYSAGENDA18h
Manhattan Institute>Unlocking Shale oil video  http://shar.es/9oZ3q via @sharethis

45)Hillary's Agenda* &#8207;@HILLARYSAGENDA 18h
Over 500,000 New Homes Created under Venezuela's Housing Construction Program  http://venezuelanalysis.com/news/10258

44)Hillary's Agenda* &#8207;@HILLARYSAGENDA 19h
little world citizens dying Internationally for Elite$ Terrorist wars
 http://www.hattiesburgamerican.com/usatoday/article/4250501 ... via @hburgamerican

43)Hillary's Agenda* &#8207;@HILLARYSAGENDA 19h
Green diary rescue: Climate change deniers love 'dark money' backers, fracking controls, LEDs  link to www.dailykos.com ... via @dailykos

42)Hillary's Agenda* &#8207;@HILLARYSAGENDA 19h
Scientists find a 7500 square mile "bulls eye" of mercury contamination around the tar sands  link to www.dailykos.com ... via @dailykos

41)Hillary's Agenda* &#8207;@HILLARYSAGENDA 19h
@HILLARYSAGENDA~We ask both warring parties to please leave the worlds little citizens out of your religious wars & just fight each other !

40)Hillary's Agenda* &#8207;@HILLARYSAGENDA 19h
@HILLARYSAGENDA~Brave protected Elite$ fighting International Terrorist wars & little Americans become the terrorist targets,needs change !

39)Hillary's Agenda* &#8207;@HILLARYSAGENDA 19h
@HILLARYSAGENDA~Our State & Federal elections are Corporate owned,our www free speech is censored if we dare speak up,so wake up 2 reality !

38)Hillary's Agenda* &#8207;@HILLARYSAGENDA 19h
@HILLARYSAGENDA~Listen up International Freedom Fighter "Terrorists" >little Americans are only captives ourselves,we have no say about USA<

37)Hillary's Agenda* &#8207;@HILLARYSAGENDA 20h
@HILLARYSAGENDA~With all the obvious choices other than harmless little Americans to hurt,terrorists somehow chose us as their targets ?

36)Hillary's Agenda* &#8207;@HILLARYSAGENDA 20h
@HILLARYSAGENDA~We have to question if there is anyone in America other than we little Americans that Terrorists want to harm ?

35)Hillary's Agenda* &#8207;@HILLARYSAGENDA 20h
@HILLARYSAGENDA~We say to all these International Freedom Fighters~"Terrorists">Who is on first selecting little Americans as your targets?

34)Hillary's Agenda* &#8207;@HILLARYSAGENDA 20h
@HILLARYSAGENDA~Elite$~Corp$ create problems Internationally while protected with military~bodyguard detail$,& little Americans get killed ?

33)Hillary's Agenda* &#8207;@HILLARYSAGENDA 20h
@HILLARYSAGENDA~Question little Americans should be asking is why are we International terrorist targets when elite$ are the real targets?

32)Hillary's Agenda* &#8207;@HILLARYSAGENDA 20h
We are lead to believe there is a International terrorist religious war going on & somehow little Americans need protection from attacks ?

31)Hillary's Agenda* &#8207;@HILLARYSAGENDA 22h
U.S. Republican Congress not investigating connection of NSA & Big Oil knowing about Greenpeace arrests in Russia prior event happening ?

30)Hillary's Agenda* &#8207;@HILLARYSAGENDA 30 Dec
Conflict & Coexistence in Extractive Industries>Chatham House: International affairs  http://shar.es/9bCN1 via @sharethis

29)Hillary's Agenda* &#8207;@HILLARYSAGENDA30 Dec
Ending Global Deforestation: Policy Options for Consumer Countries>Chatham House:international affairs  http://shar.es/9bCWg via @sharethis

28)Hillary's Agenda* &#8207;@HILLARYSAGENDA 30 Dec
Gods & Our > HOME:  http://youtu.be/jqxENMKaeCU via @youtube

27)Hillary's Agenda* &#8207;@HILLARYSAGENDA 29 Dec
The Prince of Wales delivers the BBC Richard Dimbleby Lecture>** First Class oratory not to be missed <  http://youtu.be/O4l0fES43nc via @youtube

26)Hillary's Ready* &#8207;@HillarysReady 29 Dec
@HillarysReady~The continued Twitter Corp pretext of aggressive following to suspend our 3 accounts for political reasons is getting old*

25)Hillary's Agenda* &#8207;@HILLARYSAGENDA 29 Dec
We are not interested in having Twitter users RT our Tweets because Twitter has always censored these RT's from happening in reality !

24)Hillary's Agenda* &#8207;@HILLARYSAGENDA 29 Dec
We gave up on being uncensored on our Twitter sites,currently we continue to copy & paste our tweets to place in various locales on the www<

23)Hillary's Agenda* &#8207;@HILLARYSAGENDA 29 Dec
Mexican Energy Reform: Opportunities for Historic Change | Brookings Institution  http://bit.ly/1hOQI1H

22)Hillary's Agenda* &#8207;@HILLARYSAGENDA 29 Dec
Prioritizing the Climate Change Agenda in Africa | Brookings Institution  http://bit.ly/1hOQyHL

21)Hillary's Agenda* &#8207;@HILLARYSAGENDA 29 Dec
Want to See Action on Immigration Reform? Look at States and Cities | Brookings Institution  http://bit.ly/1hOQnMD

20)Holly Dagres &#8207;@PoliticallyAff 19 Oct
As #Iran makes a push to increase inbound tourism, here's a look at its top destinations  link to www.theguardian.com ...

19)Hillary's Agenda* &#8207;@HILLARYSAGENDA 29 Dec
Guantanamo Bay Iran ?
 link to news.yahoo.com ... via @YahooNews

18)Hillary's Agenda* &#8207;@HILLARYSAGENDA 29 Dec
Agency lays out plan for west Ark. contamination  link to finance.yahoo.com ... via @YahooFinance

17)Hillary's Agenda* &#8207;@HILLARYSAGENDA 29 Dec
Check out: A Recap of Solar Energy in 2013  http://aol.it/1jY9Vmd via @daily_finance

16)Hillary's Agenda* &#8207;@HILLARYSAGENDA 29 Dec
Policing The Amazon:  http://nyti.ms/1hFDnsC

15)Hillary's Agenda* &#8207;@HILLARYSAGENDA 29 Dec
New Energy Struggles on Its Way to Markets  http://nyti.ms/KatdnX

14)Hillary's Agenda* &#8207;@HILLARYSAGENDA 29 Dec
When Demons Are Real  http://nyti.ms/1cdFu18

13)Hillary's Agenda* &#8207;@HILLARYSAGENDA 29 Dec
@HILLARYSAGENDA~Elite owned telephone companies carrying www activist political Twitter blogs,also have ability 2 censor www political blogs

12)Hillary's Agenda* &#8207;@HILLARYSAGENDA 29 Dec
@HILLARYSAGENDA~Inter+National activist political bloggers;or one who has a different political view than Twitters,are all being censored <

11)Hillary's Agenda* &#8207;@HILLARYSAGENDA 29 Dec
Twitter Censors Tweets by Country, but Policy Largely Unchanged  link to www.benchmarkemail.com ...

10)Hillary's Agenda* &#8207;@HILLARYSAGENDA 29 Dec
@HILLARYSAGENDA~Obviously we are just one of many other various www political Twitter blogs being affected by Twitter censorship..

9)Hillary's Agenda* &#8207;@HILLARYSAGENDA 29 Dec
@HILLARYSAGENDA~We have become a paste & copy to the www Twitter site only,avoiding various types of www Twitter censorship on all our blogs

8)Hillary's Agenda* &#8207;@HILLARYSAGENDA 29 Dec
Florida will soon overtake New York in population | The Moderate Voice  http://po.st/U6peAh via @po_st

7)Hillary's Agenda* &#8207;@HILLARYSAGENDA 29 Dec
The Important Employment Number Has Changed | The Moderate Voice  http://po.st/AqbSun via @po_st

6)Hillary's Agenda* &#8207;@HILLARYSAGENDA 29 Dec
Unemployment benefits expiring: Should special help continue beyond 26 weeks? | The Moderate Voice  http://po.st/HIb8B9 via @po_st

5)Hillary's Agenda* &#8207;@HILLARYSAGENDA 29 Dec
This is Why Capitalism Chose China to be the World's Manufacturer  link to www.dailykos.com ... via @dailykos

4)Hillary's Agenda* &#8207;@HILLARYSAGENDA 29 Dec
26 Dogs Having the Best Day Ever  http://post.barkbox.com/whats-in-a-barkbo/ ...

3)Hillary's Agenda* &#8207;@HILLARYSAGENDA 29 Dec
Require a damage deposit from sulfide mining  link to www.dailykos.com ... via @dailykos

2)Hillary's Agenda* &#8207;@HILLARYSAGENDA 29 Dec
China's Southern Media Group Turns Back on Anti-Censorship Supporters  link to globalvoicesonline.org ... via @globalvoices

1)Hillary's Agenda* &#8207;@HILLARYSAGENDA 29 Dec
7 Things You Didn't Know About Japanese Food,besides toxic Taiji Dolphin being fed to children  http://globalvoicesonline.org/2013/12/24/7-things-you-didnt-know-japanese-food/ ... via @globalvoices

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