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How To Watch CCTV

China's CNN: The Asian FOX-NEWS or a valuable resource?
"7" total idealogue
"2" most professional anchorman at station- honest- light on spin
"8" Humorless and Party Line all the way
"10+" The Chinese Minister of Propaganda and Spin
"7" Tows the line but can smile- take w/ grain of salt
"2" How did he get a gig here? Sense of humor- light on spin
"6" More of a Euro/Socialist Humor impaired?
"3" Best interviewer they have- light on spin- SMART!!!!
"2" What a pro- Boon for Africa- little spin- SMART!!!!
"0" Where's the party?
"6.5" Thought she was a "2" but is lately Robotoidally Red
"3" Really good- sense of humor- one of their best- low on spin
"9" Propaganda Specialist- Disregard almost anything she "reports"- Yechhhh
"1" Token Gay Guy? Best Neckties & English on CCTV- smiley too- A+
Since the FCC scrapped UHF/VHF TV broadcasts and replaced them with digital transmissions, the only English speaking station I get anymore is CCTV, the Chinese equivalent of FOX News and CNN. I must admit they have a great deal of interesting programs that I really enjoy watching. Their documentaries and travelogues are engaging and educational. The lack of commercial advertisements is refreshing, and their graphics and special effects are beyond compare. But it would be more than foolish to believe that all these familiar TV smiley-face types have a lot in common with their Western counterparts. CCTV (Chinese Central Television) is torn between being a legitimate news gathering organization and being the greatest propaganda tool ever devised by the Chinese Communists leaders. Many of their anchorpersons could easily fit into CNN or FOX. At least that's the initial impression one may have upon discovering CCTV. But a true appreciation of the ideological foundation being perpetrated can only be grasped by a viewer with a scorecard. On a scale of 1 through 10, I am rating the CCTV crew based on their propaganda quotient. A "1" denotes an employee that could probably care less about Mao's Little Red Book and more about what to wear to the next big party. A "10" would describe someone whose only party affiliation is the Communist Party. This is the extreme humorless end of the scale too. God only knows what tickles them. So enjoy the programming- a lot of it is much better than anything CNN or FOX has going these days. But certain characters continually twist the stories to suit Chinese ends. "Every Japanese soldier was a war criminal" is a popular refrain right now. Forgiveness is not a virture. So just like the clowns on CNN and FOX, CCTV has it's own professional propaganda wizards hard at work. According to CCTV, Nelson Mandela was a hard core Communist. So here's the faces and the ratings to help you wade through the Chinese Baloney.