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Man Made Climate Change We Can Prove.

My heart goes out to you Canada
Man Made Climate Change We Can Prove.

By Lloyd Hart


My heart goes out to you Canada but there is a direct correlation between the Alberta Tar Sands and the ice storm that just kicked your ass. I Beg You Canada End the Tar Sands Now!

The direct correlation between the tar sands and the recent ice storm that kicked Canada's ass is the oil industry and to be found more directly in the Gulf Oil Spill and the Tar Sands. The Gulf Oil Spill thanks to BP spraying Cordex on all the floating oil slicks that didn't make it to the shore, turned the entire gulf into a super solar panel. This caused a radical increase in the Gulf's absorption of heat from the sun, spiking Gulf surface temperatures upwards of ten degrees in many locations. This is causing a radical increase in evaporation of Gulf water into the atmosphere pushing it much higher into the atmosphere and creating giant freight train of warm moisture being pushed northeast through central and eastern Canada into the north Atlantic bringing the worst weather the UK has seen ever. The Tar Sands, also behaving as an enormous solar panel are creating a vortex of heat convection into the northern skies pushing the cold air higher causing the cold air to travel deeper into the southern US before it can sink down to the earth. Both these man made vortexes of heat have succeeded to drag the Jet Stream with this man made climate change.

Yeah,,, 25.Dec.2013 11:31

Lloyd Hart dadapop@dadapop.com

Don't try to refute the science, your brains my spill out of your ears Amused. The difference between me and Obama is that I sink carbon and fight polluters every day unlike Obama who simply pays lip service to fighting pollution while allowing the frackers to poison our air and water.

Bullshit 26.Dec.2013 12:44

ur aliar

What university did you get your climatology degree from Lloyd, you agenda driven piece of shit. I wouldn't take the word of a commie union agitatior thug like Lloyd about anything, let alone climate science.