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One In Four Activists Is A Corporate Infiltrator?

Since there is no wealth control, our rich overlords, having UNLIMITED money, can afford to simply buy out every large activist movement. They can gleefully spy upon, manipulate, disrupt and destroy large groups. Nothing short of wealth control, or alternatively, a brutal Stalin, can possibly stop them.
Corporate Policy Org November 20, 2013 Spooky Business: Corporate Espionage Against Nonprofit Organizations (PDF)

In September 2003, the Sunday Times of London reported that BAE Systems[94] the world's biggest weapons firm 95 had hired a private intelligence-gathering firm to infiltrate activists opposed to the global arms trade.[96] According to the Sunday Times, BAE paid 120,000 per year "for at least four years" to a consultancy led by Evelyn Le Chene to infiltrate the Campaign Against Arms Trade. The group was infiltrated "by at least half a dozen agents in the 1990s." During this time, CAAT opposed the sale of BAE's Hawk jets to Indonesia. According to the Sunday Times, agents working for BAE

"downloaded computer files, rifled through personal diaries, conducted surveillance on campaigners and passed on bank account details. Letters to and from senior Labour politicians including Jack Straw when he was home secretary, the MP Ann Clwyd and David Clark while he was the opposition spokesman on defence, were copied and sent to BAE. Meetings with MPs were reported on."[97]

BAE's espionage operations were effective, in part because BAE secured the services of "perhaps the most successful corporate spy of recent times, Martin Hogbin." According to the Guardian , "In 2003 security consultant Evelyn Le Chene was alleged to have been receiving emails from Hog bin, 58, who had spent six years rising through the CAAT. So successful was the alleged operation that Hogbin became a target for Met surveillance. Officers were convinced he was a key 'domestic extremist'."[98]

Most of the cases of corporate espionage we know about in recent years have been uncovered by accident. There has been no comprehensive, systematic effort by federal or state government to determine how much corporate espionage is actually occurring, and what tactics are being used. It is likely that corporate espionage against nonprofits occurs much more often than is known.

Regarding corporate espionage in the United Kingdom, the Guardian reported that "Privately, senior officers claim there are 'without question' more corporate spies embedded in the protest movement than police officers. Among their number are former police officers cashing in on their surveillance skills for a host of companies that target protesters."[160]

Another estimate of the prevalence of corporate espionage but perhaps a self-serving one comes from Russell Corn, managing director of Diligence, a corporate intelligence agency. Corn says that "private spies make up 25 per cent of every activist camp. 'If you stuck an intercept up near one of those camps, you wouldn't believe the amount of outgoing calls after every meeting saying, 'Tomorrow we're going to cut the fence',' he smiles. 'Easily one in four of the people there are taking the corporate shilling.'"[161]

When money is permitted to buy anything; people, silence, sex, body organs, education, elections, activist groups, anything; that is fascism. The ruling 1% colossuses gleefully stomp upon the poor (that is "wealth free" to you) tiny mice. That's why I always say:

No one should be allowed to own more that 20 times what they need to make a living and live comfortably. People should be required to register their substantial holdings, and if they exceed the 20 times limit, a random jury should force them to sell off the excess, and reduce their holdings to 15 times what they need. The proceeds should go to the commonwealth. Anything they fail to register should be confiscated, and those who willfully avoid registering assets should be punished. That is the only way to control economic royalism and protect freedom and human rights.

If one is going to organize, one should not form large oganizations, as the cunning shills always prescribe. All groups larger than about seven are almost guaranteed to be infiltrated by skilled agents, who often gain control.

See the video (12 min.):

One out of Every Four Activists Could Be a Corporate Spy

See also the Guardian US article "The war on democracy" (How corporations and spy agencies use "security" to defend profiteering and crush activism) (The Guardian US is of course owned by our rich overlords):
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They just blatantly advertise how they own us!