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Get Ready for the 2014 Trade Tsunami: Lori Wallach

2014 could be Fast Track's Waterloo.

But between this prospect and reality lies a knock-down drag-out battle that will be quickly engaged with the dawn of the new year. Get ready.
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Hard work, smart planning and perseverance made 2013 a year of inspiring fair-trade activism.

Vibrant grassroots activism and dogged D.C. advocacy resulted in a new level of public and congressional concern about the perils of Fast Track and the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). In November, three of every four Democrats - and a remarkable number of Republicans - publicly stated their opposition to Fast Track trade authority. The extreme procedure is seen as critical by TPP's corporate boosters because it could railroad the TPP through Congress despite growing concerns about many aspects of the pact.

And, thanks to civil society pressure in Asia and Latin America, the other TPP country governments did not give in to all of the U.S. corporate-inspired demands for medicine monopolies, financial deregulation and expanded corporate investor tribunals in the TPP. As a result, the Obama administration failed to wrap up TPP negotiations in Singapore this month, missing yet another do-or-die, self-imposed deadline for the deal.

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Oppose The TTP! 23.Dec.2013 19:53

TTP is NAFTA on Steroids!

President Obama has been engaging in secret negotiations for OUR economy and has shut out Congress but has invited lobbyists from major corporations to decide what is best for us. He has invoked "National Security" over the matter and is going to try to Fast Track the bill because he knows it is so bad for the American people we would not vote for it if we knew. Now though the cat is out of the bag.

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