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Sorry, Google, I won’t spy on myself for you

We've gone far down a slippery slope when being bombarded by corporate advertising is considered a public service.
I turned down a chance to spy on myself for Google. This was a real offer: Google, picking my address at random (or so it says) offered me a modest sum of money if I would let them install a monitor on my computer that would report on everything I did online.

Google claimed it wanted to better understand what users do online so as to provide a better Internet experience, or something to that effect. It wasn't hard for me to turn this offer down, despite Google sending me two letters and having someone call me on my home phone. I was not gentle in turning down the offer but, so far, my Internet connection has not been cut off in revenge.

It doesn't take much imagination to see the real reason for Google taking a personal interest in me and, presumably, untold thousands of others: Advertising.

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Advertising is the camel's nose 21.Dec.2013 08:45


in your tent. Or the sweetener on the poison.

Google funds ALEC and other far right wing groups.

Google is not simply selling stuff to you; Google is data-mining and selling you.

Every Google cookie is part of their world surveillance system.

And we have no idea how far the Google/NSA parnership goes.

Why do you think they call it "data rape"?

Just say no to Google and all its works.

Switch to duckduckgo.com and startpage.com.

Also, search "how to avoid google".

"My Shadow"
I have a little shadow
that goes in and out with me
And what can be the use of him
is more than I can see."

Robert Louis Stevenson

@anon 21.Dec.2013 18:20

they won't pick me

Not just Google cookies, but about every cookie that is at every commercial site. Don't accept them. Set your browser to exclude them and third-party cookies, or at least prompt for their acceptance. Only accept when necessary for your purposes. Use the trust zones and blockers in your browser. Be wary, too, of plugins and java scripts.

We seem to think that beyond paying for internet services that it's 'free', but it's just like the TV with its advertisements that was never free. It was paid for and affected the price, abeit small, of every product one bought that advertised there.