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VIDEO. USS Ronald Reagan Sailors Suffering Radiation Illness

Where was the Common Sense which would have told any responsible skipper to use radiation detectors before ever entering into this disaster site presenting a known dangerous and critical situation in the first instance? VKD
Dear V.K. Durham,

There is an awful collusion of
gross negligence now taking
place between TEPCO, the
operators of the Fukushima
nuclear plant in Japan, which
suffered a triple meltdown and
the US Department of Defense.

Once again, as with so much
that is awry in our world, the
exposure to massive liability
will keep both parties lying
through their teeth until they
are successfully sued - and that
is exactly what is 51 US Navy
crew members of the USS
Ronald Reagan are intending
to do.

Crew members, many of whom
are in their early- and mid-20s,
have been diagnosed with
conditions including thyroid cancer,
testicular cancer and leukemia.
The affected sailors are suing Tokyo
Electric Power Company (TEPCO),
alleging that the utility mishandled
the crisis and did not adequately
warn the crew of the risk of
participating as first responders to
the Japanese victims of the
earthquake and tsunami, which
took roughly 20,000 lives. There
are reports among the 100,000
displaced victims in Japan who
dare to speak out about the
connection between the non-stop
release of of radiation over the
ensuing 3 years and their own
mounting cases of illness are being
threatened with internment in
concentration camps.

To further add insult to injury, the
US Department of Defense is
denying that crew members were
exposed to dangerous radiation

Charles Bonner, attorney for the
sailors, explains that the USS Reagan,
a Nimitz-Class Supercarrier desalinates
its own water. Crew members were
unknowingly drinking, cooking with,
and bathing in contaminated water,
due to the ship's close proximity to
the disaster site.

The number of plaintiffs in the case
could grow significantly, as 150
additional crew members are currently
being medically screened to join.
The sailors are seeking $40 million
each in punitive damages as well as
a $1 billion fund for future medical
expenses for members of the USS

Video (under 4 mins):

USS Ronald Reagan Sailors Suffering Radiation Illness


- Alexandra

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