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individual direct action
Our leftwing "organizing" and flash mob "revolutions" alone aren't working. Our ranks are shrinking. For the "undecided", the indifferent, those on the fence apolitical assholes or the so-called liberal cowards out there, we are something close to lepers. So, fuck them. We, activists, are alone.

Now, we can go on pretending that what we are doing works, we can continue believing that organizing is the only way to fight fascist capitalism.
Or, we can, while organizing, resort to IDA, Individual Direct Action.
Each and every one of us can carry out sabotage acts against our fascist capitalist system.

Although some activists talk about the capitalist system as if it were something abstract, invisible, beyond our reach, our control, the "invisible hand" of capital, free market...it is not!

That system is built and operated by people! Rich people! That system is run with computers, machines, through institutions (buildings), they are all physical things that can be damaged.
Utah Phillips once said:
"The earth is not dying, she is being murdered. And we know who is killing her and we have their names and addresses."

Capital has a body that can be, if not destroyed right away, damaged, slowed down, little by little, here and there with surgical strikes.

Sand, oil, glue, water, a wire cutter, a hammer can do great damage.

If we, activists, are really serious about destroying capitalism, a system that is killing us all and our beautiful Earth in its savage endless pursuit of ever more money, then IDA is one of the ways to do it. We need revolutionary chaos.

You may ask what my plan is for after capitalism is destroyed. I don't have a plan.
Just like the french revolutionary Auguste Blanqui said: we'll talk about the rebuilding later.

"May the Great Mystery make Sunrise in your heart."
Sioux Indian Saying

Brkic Sulejman
December 16, 2013

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Good job 18.Dec.2013 16:49


Truer words were never spoken. Thank you.

However 19.Dec.2013 05:54

Mike Novack

"You may ask what my plan is for after capitalism is destroyed. I don't have a plan.
Just like the french revolutionary Auguste Blanqui said: we'll talk about the rebuilding later."

You should understand that THIS attitude is perhaps part of our organizing problem.

SOME of us have an ideological belief that promises us that what comes after would be better, would be closer, much closer to what we would consider the right way for us to organize our society. But perhaps the vast majority of those we are trying to reach do not share our "religious faith" (and it IS a quasi religion). Especially with the record of the 20th Century still fresh in their memory they would worry that at least some of the alternatives to out current capitalist society might be worse, much worse.

Could I make a suggestion? Stand out on a street corner holding a paper bag which obviously has SOMETHING inside of it. See if you could sell this "pig in a poke" to passers by. Are you getting any offers?

I am not suggesting we need detailed utopian models. But the attitude expressed that ANYTHING ELSE would be better isn't going to sell. We need SOME vestige of vision about this better world we are asking them to fight for. Otherwise they will not join up, and rightly so.

a point on the side 20.Dec.2013 06:14


You know, do what you want. But at some point you're going to have to go into the world and present your arguments. You can't wait for people to come to you. Proliferating, capitalizing on peoples emotions and sentiments are far more dangerous to the system especially when you add your sentiments to it. That's what made the New Left so disruptive, and it could have made the occupy movement as well if people weren't so willing to play into it's own never acknowledged ideological divisions without realizing that typically ideological transformations don't take place in the course of nine weeks. What made the student strikes in Quebec last year so disruptive? That all sprang out of a syndicalist student union. They proliferated ideology and tactic. They didn't just expect things to just fall into place. They had a somewhat radicalized and militant base from which to work out of. And all that over 325 dollars at tax time each year.

Until you can create bonds of solidarity with people who might not be all the way with you, you have the right to do as you please, but you're incredibly vulnerable. I'm not saying you're wrong in any way, and maybe this is an idea for someone else another day, but this still cannot be stressed enough. I cannot fathom this attitude among people that they just 'don't need anyone else' yet still have what they see as an ends rooted in the material world. If you have no ends in sight and are just standing for your own ethic, or your ends are just the mild temporary disruption, you have my appreciation regardless, but you cannot wait for the world to just turn on. That only happens so often and when it does it doesn't have a strong enough base to keep going.