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This coming meeting, Dec. 18th
Storm the Bastille
Storm the Bastille
Dear Mayor and members of the Council,

During the meeting of December 18, 2013 you will entertain us by allowing public testimony concerning items listed as #1190-91. We will oppose these items even though we know once again you will act as the *RSG of Portland. The agreement between the city of Portland and the Police department is a sham and we will say so at the meeting during our 180 seconds of free time to express our views. Once again, when we have a representative speaking for our group please be courteous and use their last name and not the more familiar first names. They are not your buddies and do not wish to be. See you in the news!

Joseph Walsh, founding member and CC rep. for
Individuals For Justice.
*Rubber Stamp Gang

homepage: homepage: http://IndividualsForJustice.com