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Video: Keaton Otis Vigil December 12 2013

The monthly vigil for justice and police accountability in Portland, continues in NE Portland
The Justice For Keaton Otis Vigils continues on NE 6th and Halsey
This gathering of two dozen people happened on the 12th of the month
KEATON OTIS VIGIL on December 12 2013

 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=56PiC7ESrTY (11 min video)

This gathering of 2 dozens folks was also in memory of Fred Bryant the father of Keaton Otis, who recently passed away and in memory his son Keaton who was shot 23 times by the Portland police, this quite group gathered at the very place where Keaton was shot by the Portland "gang task force" in May 2010.

Although not a gang member and a host of other questionable points to consider when asking what really happened, the police say there was a gun, and that he looked *like a gang member driving innocently past them with a hoodie on. This supposed gun that he had (and what was claimed to be the one he used) has never been shown to anyone to this day. The (live cell phone) video of the shooting tells a different story and leads this ongoing demand for justice and truth.

The 23 shots in 21 seconds left Keaton hanging out of the car at this spot where this vigil takes place on the 12th of every month. These vigils, once organized by Fred Bryant (Keaton's dad) who is no longer with us, was spearheaded by a speech from Fred's daughter.

 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=56PiC7ESrTY (11 min video)

-A live UStream link from Mungencakes is here:  http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/41643504

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Not one civilian witness at the scene saw Keaton with a gun -- but we've all seen images of the young father being killed by a gang squad. We demand evidence and justice, See  http://justiceforkeatonotis.wordpress.com/ for more.

Keaton Dupree Otis (25) was electrocuted then shot by Portland Police Officers Jim Defrain, Cody Berne and Andrew Polas. Officer Christopher Burley was likely struck by a fragment of one of 32 rounds fired by police. The Otis case reveals what a subsequent DoJ investigation termed Portland's 'self-defeating accountability system.' It shows how a county DA fakes a Grand Jury presentation ... in order to exonerate fellow law enforcers. This case demonstrates how the City of Portland refuses appeals that challenge police investigations into their own conduct. We hope the Keaton Otis case will demonstrate how a community can unmask a cover-up and obtain independent investigations into police misconduct. Never in Portland's history has a police officer been removed from duty for improper use of force. Join us. Obtaining justice will require your energy and assistance.

General information
On May 12th, 2010, Keaton Otis was killed by Portland police officers after a 'routine traffic-stop' went bad. The official story reports that Keaton Otis had a gun and fired it at the officers, shooting Officer Christopher Burley in the legs. The officers allegedly responded and shot Keaton to death inside of his car.

But there are holes in the story and several questions remain unanswered. Keaton's father, Fred, has not seen adequate evidence that his son had a gun.

As members of the community, we stand beside Fred, demanding that the Portland Police Bureau produce this evidence.

We demand justice for Keaton Otis. We have subject matter experts, available for media interviews, and seek to make detailed information available to documentary producers.

Footage of the killing is online at:

Some of the Grand Jury testimony is available here:

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