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the privatized agency known as the Department of Health and Human Services also known as Social Security owned by the Queen of England (see:  http://www.theantechamber.net/Mirror/StatutoryInstrument1997.html ) to OBSTRUCT JUSTICE and the information disclosed herein from being given CONGRESSIONAL OVERSIGHT INVESTIGATING REVIEW BY RE-OPENING THE HOUSE OF UN-AMERICAN ACTIVITIES.

OPERATION "CODE NAME TROJAN" renders the following Conclusion, to wit;

This Investigation commenced under U.S. Senator John Morton of the Department of Energy following the Dinner meeting held by presidential hopeful, Ronald Reagan in Santa Barbara just weeks prior to his first run at the presidency.
By V.K. Durham

Taking into consideration, and all things being equal, with my former "boss" no longer available at the U.S. Dept. of Energy, and my own records being erased by the privatized agency known as the Department of Health and Human Services also known as Social Security owned by the Queen of England (see:  http://www.theantechamber.net/Mirror/StatutoryInstrument1997.html ) to OBSTRUCT JUSTICE and the information disclosed herein from being given CONGRESSIONAL OVERSIGHT INVESTIGATING REVIEW BY RE-OPENING THE HOUSE OF UN-AMERICAN ACTIVITIES.

OPERATION "CODE NAME TROJAN" renders the following Conclusion, to wit;

This Investigation commenced under U.S. Senator John Morton of the Department of Energy following the Dinner meeting held by presidential hopeful, Ronald Reagan in Santa Barbara just weeks prior to his first run at the presidency.

Per: Earl Hightower; The meeting consisted of personages such as George Bush CIA, James Baker III, Paul Volker, Ed Meese, Henry Kissinger, George Whackenhut, Halliburton, Schlumberger, Earl Hightower, Senior International Corporate Council for Tennaco Oil Corporation, Atlantic Richfield, Union Oil, OPEC, Russian emissaries, and so forth. The list went on.

At this dinner party held by Ronald Reagan and supporters, an agreement was made. The agreement was (Per: Earl Hightower of Tennaco Oil Corporation):
" Once in office as the President of the United States, Ronald Reagan;
1. Would start a conflict with Lybia,
2. Lybia would be caused to be kicked out of the U.S.
3. Russia was to come down through Afghanistan towards the Saudi Oil Fields,
4. This operation was to be called "Desert Breeze" and
5. The U.S. was to use Israel as the base of operations in the "Desert Wind" portion, which
6. turned into "Desert Storm" of the 1991 time frame in taking over the Far East Oil Fields.
Note: It is believed this "agreement" is what ISRAEL holds over the Head of the Presidential Office, Presidents of the United States and Executive Branch allowing her to abuse neighboring Palestine etc.

This entire operation was carefully explained to U.S. Senator John Morton of DOE and myself by International Corporate Council for Tennaco Oil Corporation, Earl Hightower who attended the meeting, and heard the "agreements being made" which gave him great concern, resulting in his relating and recanting to U.S. Senator, John Morton of the U.S. Department of Energy the details, and the agenda of that meeting at Santa Barbara.

Senator John Morton upon hearing this disturbing dissertation by Tennaco Oil Corporation, International Corporate Council, Earl Hightower, asked if "I" would go back to work on what was called "Attached-Un-Assigned" and nose around out in California and see what could be found out, and report back to him. I agreed to conduct an investigation for him.

Senator Morton, disappeared, and I was left "out in the cold"..but; Continued on because of the gravity of the agreed upon "agreement at Santa Barbara" that evening which frightened my friend, Earl Hightower out of his wits.

IN A NUT-SHELL and as brief as possible, this is the CONCLUSION of the investigation involving "OPERATION CODE NAME TROJAN" exposing to the Court of Public Opinion the findings, to wit;

INTERPOL, The U.K. Parliament, U.S. House Members, and Law Enforcement Agencies; THE CONCLUSION OF THE 1975 INVESTIGATION OF "OPERATION" CODE NAME TROJAN" is as follows;

For far too many years rumors have floated around about "a parallel U.S. Fed. Agency-government operation"... Here it is. It was set up to be BEYOND CONGRESSIONAL REVIEW & ABOVE THE LAW.

For background go to
 http://www.theantechamber.net and review previously posted articles.
In particular go to:

U.S. Citizens, U.S. Corporations and some U.S. House Members, ex U.S. Treasury, Ex IRS, Ex Naval Intelligence, Ex members of the Administrative Branch of the U.S. Fed. Govt. are, and have been actively engaged in setting up a parallel government, inside the United States of America, operating on Sovereign Soil of Indian Reservations (Cabazon), conducting Un-American Activities "Globally" operating through WHACKENHUT (see:
 http://www.geocities.com/Area51/Shadowlands/6583/bases078.html ) whereas these Corporations operating from the Sovereign Soil of the Cabazon Indian Reservation, and others have allowed "member corporations, Banking operations, financial institutions, organized crime groups, and so forth" to conduct International Banking, Financial and Economic Terrorism, while giving Aid and Comfort to the Enemy i.e., the Al Qaieda, Al Qaeda, Abbu Sayeff, MILF, Al Kada and so forth while enjoying "Sovereign Immunity Privileges" of said Indian Reservations such as the Cabazon Reservation mentioned in the before mentioned site.

The MAD COW disease was generated at the Cabazon Indian Reservation by the WHACKENHUT "Billionaire Boys Club Organized Crime Corporations" of the TIAS 12087. See: "The treaty that does not exist at
 http://www.theantechamber.net/VkDocuments/Tias12087/Tias12087Index.html .. This was the TROJAN HORSE inside the U.S. and International Banking Systems which started out as the money laundering "arm" of the CONTRAS in Latin America.

Congress passed BANK RECONSTRUCTION ACT No. TWO; Specifically for CONTRA DRUG AND MONEY LAUNDERING through the INTER-AMERICAN DEVELOPMENT BANK which is (or was until U.S. Sec. of the Treasury, Rubin allowed the GAIA-EKKER'S INCORPORATION OF THE IADB) a U.S. Fed. Reserve/U.S. Treasury. Congress allocated $200,000.00 to "purchase member countries" for $10K each, with U.S. Tax Payer Dollars. While WTC operations charged member Corporations $5,000.00 per membership to "join the club" in 1987 et seq'. This $5,000 membership fee allowed "ONLY MEMBER CORPORATIONS THE PRIVILEGES TO DO BUSINESS "NATIONALLY AND INTERNATIONALLY." Corporations which did not ante up the $5,000 were forced out of business.

The DRUG RUNNING & ARMS DEALING was and is protected and participated by those MEMBER CORPORATIONS of the WHACKENHUT "groups".

President George H.W. Bush "Privatized" the U.S. Infrastructures by Executive Order 12083 in 1992 . See:
 http://www.theantechamber.net/UsHistDoc/Exord12803/Exord12803Index.html .

Between the BANK RECONSTRUCTION ACT NO. TWO "operation" and the infamous Executive Order 12803, this allowed a PARALLEL GOVERNMENT inside the United States of America to operate with IMMUNITY PRIVILEGES from the Sovereign Soil of the CABAZON INDIAN RESERVATION(S), allowing the manufacturing of such as MAD COW DISEASE designed to destroy the American Production of Beef etc, to DEAL IN ARMS AND DELIVER SAME TO "DISSIDENTS" HOSTILE TO THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA AND ALLIES and manufacture and distribute other chemical agents being harmful in their very nature to all human beings.

All of us remember AIR AMERICA and the CONTRAS ARMS FOR DRUGS out of Latin America and Iran... Don't we?!

WELL! MY husband was the CONTRA ACCOUNT HOLDER for CI-LTD. He was a Col. in this unGodly mess. When he objected to the slaughter by the CIA of the women and children, and shoving the bodies off into mass graves; His own "superior officers" had him thrown in prison in Latin America. He managed to get out of the prison by one of his female associates i.e., Cecelia, holding a "gun" on the President of Mexico in the Presidents Office, to allow the time for the Chiapias Indians to get Russell back into the United States. She grew up in Mexico whereas her family was influential and friends of the President.

Barry Seals and Russell Herman, Oliver North, George H.W. Bush, Alan Greenspan, James Baker III, Nicholas Brady, (Hughes Corporations) Bob Maheu, Col. Al Martin, Col. Frank McDonnald, Col. Al Caron, George Whackenhut, Rodriguez and Members of the U.S. House of Representatives, FBI, CIA and MI6 were the original members of WHACKENHUT Services Inc., which was formed in 1955. How do I know this? Russell Herman (Herrmann) told me so after his kidnapping and torture of October 28,1993 RUSSELL BROKE "THE CODE OF SILENCE" upon his return home from the St. Mary's Health Care Facility, Clayton Missouri, on November 17, 1993. See:

When Russell was brought home on November 17, 1993, he sat in his chair with that "1,000 yard stare"... Finally he made the following statement
"If the American People ever wake up, and find out what the Federal Government has really done; I would not want to be in the Executive Branch. I would not want to be a Member of Congress or Senate, state of federal. I would not want to be a judge on the bench. I would not want to be a lawyer. I would not want to be even the local dog catcher. Because; The American People will round all of them up; Give them a fair trial and hang them on the Capitol Steps [end quote]."

I have since heard Ex-President George Bush #41 made a similar statement after his resignation from THE CARLYLE GROUP.

While Russell and I were living in California, many people were found murdered on the CABAZON INDIAN RESERVATION who were protesting THE WHACKENHUT and LAS VEGAS-RENO "OPERATIONS." The favorite sayings at that time coming out of Vegas and Reno was "The desert tells no tales"..

During that time, Barry Seals formerly of AIR AMERICA came to visit. Barry told Russell: "Russell. There is big trouble coming out of MENA ARKANSAS. I guess you know by now; This has turned into one sick operation. I have heard they intend to "take both of us out." A short time later.. Barry took off in his plane..and that was the end of Barry.

Russell was investigating MENA ARKANSAS and the DRUG RUNNING of the Cali Cartel through Alligator Alley... He had tried to retire out of THE U.S. COAST GUARD-U.S. NAVAL INTELLIGENCE-U.S. TREASURY in June 1991. He was not allowed to retire out because it would be too costly to replace him with another officer, and time did not allow for bringing another officer up to date on the investigation of MENA ARKANSAS operation.

Russell and his men concluded the investigation on MENA ARKANSAS July 1, 1993. Russell returned home stating: "I can finally retire out. We have caught the Presidents Man (Vince Foster), got his air travel schedule, found the Swiss Bank Accounts and Grand Cayman Accounts in Chelse's name, transferred the money back to Treasury. All I have to do is fill out the reports, and we can begin to live our lives like normal people. If anything happens to me, I have 5 Military Retirements coming. If you cannot live on that, your in big trouble."

The next day; He was sprayed with what I think was serine as he mowed the front lawn by a passing auto which had been waiting, parked kitty corner from the house, waiting for Russell to get closer to the highway.

The reason I have always thought it was serine is: When the incident occurred, he took about a dozen steps, fell to his knees. He got up and came into the house, and; He was perspiring profusely; He was bleeding from the eyes, nose, ears and mouth and having hard chills. He went to bed, and never recovered. He lingered, and his health worsened. He refused to go to the hospital stating: "If I go into a hospital before I get the report filled out; I am a DEAD MAN."

Finally on or about the 24th of October 1993, after his FAMILY threatened "me" with filing Elderly Abuse Charges against me because I would not force him to go to the hospital, Russell relented and went into the Nashville Illinois Hospital. On the 28th he was kidnapped, taken across state lines from Illinois to Missouri. During this procedure he was strung up with meat hooks inserted beneath his collar bones, beaten, left ribs broken, left hand broken, burned with cigarettes, plugs of flesh were pulled out, a cattle prod was shoved up his rectum, tobacco was inserted deep inside his anal cavity...by those "attempting to make him sign off on documents (per: Russell)."

Ultimately, Russell was finally terminated by AGENTS working in the Fed. System at the Marion Illinois VA Hospital.

Curiously; The Hospital Administrator did cause a "Letter of Condolence" to be written during BUSINESS HOURS on August 29, 1994. The Death Certificate states he "died" after business hours on August 29, 1994?

Russell did not die on August 29, 1994. He did not die until somewhere around the early morning hours of Sept. 5th, 1994. This is proven by the color and condition of the Body which was finally "gained access to about 11:00 A.M. Sept. 5, 1994"... Forensics would prove Russell had not been in the MORGUE FREEZER AT VA not less than 8 hours or more than ten hours.

We were allowed to obtain possession of the Body around 11:00 A.M. on September 5, 1994. This indicates that somewhere around 3:00 a.m. or thereabouts, Russell was put into the MORGUE FREEZER after being tortured from August 29th to September 5th by those "attempting to make him sign off" on something he did not own i.e., BONUS COMMODITY CONTRACT 3392 & 181.

Those associated with WHACKENHUTS operations known as E.J. Ekker and Doris J. Ekker and associates in Las Vegas and Reno, operating with IMMUNITY PRIVILEGES granted by the Sovereign CABAZON Indian Reservation(s) simply continued the BCCI BANKING OPERATION as defined in BCCI IN THE UNITED STATES. INITIAL ENTRY AND FGB AND NGB TAKEOVERS found at
 http://www.fas.org/irp/congress/1992_rpt/bcci/06early.htm .

As WHACKENHUT, HALLIBURTON and so forth run the IRAQ WAR, your attention is drawn off the OBJECTIVE of "OPERATION" CODE NAME TROJAN."

The Operation of Code Name Trojan was to enter The U.S. Banking and Financial Systems, and the systems of U.S. Allies such as the UK which was designed to "take the entire global banking, financing and economics hostage" which was partly investigated when the Congressional Investigations into BCCI along with THE KEETING FIVE S&L FAILURES. The investigations only scratched the surface.



QUESTION! BUT! I ASK YOU; WHO in Congress or Senate can investigate that which they have been paid CONTRIBUTIONS or ARE DIRECTLY INVOLVED in this ORGANIZED CORPORATE CRIMINAL OPERATION? Who, Which Members are NOT IN CONFLICT OF INTEREST!?



How does this information, at this time, reach EXPOSURE STATUS?

My Thanks to other investigators who have also been doing parallel investigations for friends and loved ones who died in relation to these matters.

See Also:

By: V.K. Durham.


Ask not what your Country can do for you,
Ask what you can do for your Country.