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what cps and the courts think of our constatutional rights.

What can you do when cps and the courts violate your constitutional rights in the courts. These are secret hearings, so how can you prove it when all parties within the courts a 're in cahoots....
Today in court the caseworker said I needed to have continued supervised visits because of my petition against cps and their lack of careful consideration when placing the children with their dad over me.

My lawyer pointed out that this was a violation of my constitutional rights. (Of course the judge stated I wasn't wise to petition against an agency that has wardships of my children)

I was informed that I was jeopardizing my children's safety for this petition (mind you the children's names and the fathers names are not on the petition. They claimed I'd put pictures of my children on the internet (not my children, but my child's upper arm) and that this again also jeoparlizes my children's safety.......

And I quote. " dhs has concern that the mother has inapprepriately published information about the child welfare case on social media sites. Some of this information was a direct attack on (children's father) And include photographs of the children. This obviously raises concern about her judgement about the needs of the children for safety and for a positive relationship with both of their parents."

It also goes on to say "dhs shall allow mother to have unsupervised visits after a safety plan has been developed that addresses the appropriate way for either parent to raise concerns about health and safety of the children and inclusion of information and photographs of the children on social media sites."

So I am to keep having supervised visits untill they get around to telling me not to put my children's pictures and names on social media sites. (Which I haven't done)

This is what justice looks like in our courts today..... It should rightly be named injustice and oppression of We the people and against our constitutional rights.

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So? ...You're 100% Right. 10.Dec.2013 08:11

Tracy Mapes

Someone in their Brilliance decided to Replace All of Our Public Officials, Media, and Judicial Body Position including the Prosecutor's Office with Whores and Criminals.

They Should All Be Killed for Treason Against Our Nation, for their continuous Plunder of American Families. The Security Nation is the Biggest Reason for the Failure of Our Economy. No More Everyday Heroes, Just Thugs, Thieves, and Murderers.

Take Care,

-Tracy Mapes

Tracy, I fear you are starting to blow it, 11.Dec.2013 21:55


"They should all be killed..."

Did you really mean to say that? If we all felt that way and did that, there would not be many of us left to tell the tale.

They Started it ... How will you go? 12.Dec.2013 03:20

Tracy Mapes


Simple -- I would go the other way. 12.Dec.2013 18:50


Sorry Tracy..........................................

Don't Be Pussy! 13.Dec.2013 01:11

Tracy Mapes

Going the Other Way is as Bad as Endorsing the Wrongs. I'm not Built that way, and if it weren't for People build that way, you'd have less than half of what you have now.

Take Care, Tracy Mapes

Oh My oh My 17.Dec.2013 11:23

Shut yo mouff

The only thing bad about Tracy moron is his stinking breath.