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Abolish The Democraps And The Republicraps

Are you REALLY going to vote for Hillary Clinton Vs. Michael Bloomberg? Those are your only choices? Are you really so afraid of change?
Simple score voting was your only hope for 200+ years, and everybody knew that! Compare and contrast it to every other option. single selection (our present "system") Condorcet, Borda, IRV, Range (with its tricky "averages").

It is so simple. Give no vote at all, or one to ten votes to any number of candidates you wish (within some reasonable number, say, 20). Simply add the votes up. SIMPLE. If you give someone eight votes, you have only sacrificed 20% of your vote, of course. Vote artfully, NOT artlessly!

You too can use strategy!

If Only I Had Simple Score Voting...

We Ain't Got No Workers No More Simply Demand Power!
 link to simplescorevoting.wordpress.com

Germany Has Party List Proportional Representation. Too Bad
 link to simplescorevoting.wordpress.com

Strategic voting with (simple) score voting (not "range voting" with tricky averaging) has always been the ONLY answer. And the people who know have known that for hundreds of years.