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bloodiest conflicts always seem to be the religious ones

In war and in science, the bloodiest conflicts always seem to be the religious ones. Time for the American public to say it's no longer going to play the victim in this one.

homepage: homepage: http://nypost.com/2013/12/05/global-warming-proof-is-evaporating/

wait a second 06.Dec.2013 14:20


Citing the NY Daily News is like citing some guy you gave money to on your way to work whose suffering from chronic acute schizophrenia. Maybe if you found a credible news source to support this mans overwhelmingly disputed theory, but no credible news source is going to post something that every single scientist not paid by BP, Exxon mobile or Chevron vehemently disputes and has data and statistics to back it up. I guess that's the number one thing missing from this article, statistics. Until then this is something called "an opinion." I mean, scientific terms like "stoppage" can certainly throw you off, but if the people at Chevron are this obsessed with scaring online conspiracy theorists into not believing what's been essentially seen as scientific consensus since the 1970's, that human beings are effecting their environment in extremely negative ways and will kill themselves in the process while making a handful of greedy "bureaucrats" in suits rich, maybe you can cite a more trustworthy news source. Maybe you've just breathed in too much British Petroleum in the last year to think straight. Woe be the day when a New Orleans hurricane make the sky blow up.

Sorry Mike 06.Dec.2013 15:03


Folks have woke up, moron and realized that it's that big white thing in the sky that enables life on earth that is responsible for the climate. Man ain't done shit. But at least gore got rich, LOL you fucking dunce.

dunce 07.Dec.2013 13:46


Doesn't it ever bother you that the only information that counters the 'man made global warming' theory always has an Exxon mobile logo attached to it. Jesus, don't you ever feel taken advantage of. Are you really that blind? Do you feel good being a sucker? You know, for the bureaucrats. Which is what a business man is. A bureaucrat who makes money off of your suffering.

triple dunce 08.Dec.2013 13:30


Wow, what a convincing argument. Please, don't negate my claims with facts. Insult me so I think you're a really smart person with a clear head who has a lot to tell me on the matter.

huh? 08.Dec.2013 16:24


Please explain the science based facts as we know them to be in 2013, not the ones we knew in 1985 or 1990, or 1996, or 2003, etc.?

The computer models were proved to be completely wrong. The scientists (if you can call them that) where shown to have committed fraud in the exposed emails they sent to each other admitting their crimes.

The sources of climate data were for shit, temperature gauges in black asphalt parking lots.

unseen aquatic mermaids eating all the worlds heat at the bottom of the seas (or some idiocy claimed to be where the missing heat went).

Summer in Antarctica set record of -135.8 09.Dec.2013 20:46


Try 135.8 degrees Fahrenheit below zero; that's 93.2 degrees below zero Celsius, which sounds only slightly toastier. Better yet, don't try it. That's so cold scientists say it hurts to breathe