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worse than the nazi's

defend yourself in court while handcuffed; try it
My attorney quit so I decided to proceed pro se (defend myself). I was dragged into court handcuffed to a chain around my waist and shackeled so short I could

barely walk. I was dressed in stripes and had not had a haircut in 6 months. I could not reach even the edge of the defense table much less access any of the

discovery or pages of questions I needed to defend myself. The state put a standby attorney at my side who knew nothing of the case against me. I was

convicted and sentanced to 7+ years in prison, for 2 felonies I did not commit. This happened in America, this happened in Wisconsin, this happened in

Winnebago County, Branch 6, Judge Robert "Hang em" Hawley presiding. The victims of Nazi show trials wore their own clothes, had haircuts, could move their

hands forward to flip pages if they needed to. It seems to me it was a forgon conclusion on their part abiet an incorrect one. I've learned to rely upon

my own resources and have worked my way through to the Wi supreme court and now Federal Court (Habeas Corpus). Has this Happened to anyone else??

show trials 05.Dec.2013 17:48


The show trials where in the USSR under Stalin, not in Germany under the Nazis.

However, a lawyer who takes his own case has an idiot as a client. Want to tell us what really happened? I suspect there was a reason you were shackled and your attorney quit.