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The Rockefellers sent their ridiculous vision of the world to every other country via the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilaterals and other groups. Their vision was to turn the world into a subset of the coal mines that they ran. At those coal mines, the miners could only buy their food from the company store, they rented the company houses and they accepted the wages that they were given which would never let them escape poverty. After all the deductions for substandard food and housing were made, the miners were BROKE. Is this what we want for ourselves?
Close to TEN THOUSAND ACCOUNTS in HSBC Switzerland's list provided by banking whistleblower Herve Falciani and NOT A SINGLE PROSECUTION for corruption, here in the UK.

There's no FOOTAGE from the amazing Channel 4 News feature that's just run on terrestrial TV about Herve Falciani's story but you'all need to watch and/or rewatch the claims in this video from the Abel Danger team in the States aka forensic investigators



MAKES ONE WONDER IF THE approximately 175 secret CIA bank accounts buried so deep they were believed could not be found.. Makes me wonder if this is it!

COULD THESE approximately 175 secret CIA bank accounts, according to Federal Reserve Agent Kamarulzman Bin Annur who was authorized to receive Debt Payment for the U.S. Fed. Reserve/UST overseeing UBS etc hidden accounts used for Black Ops that were in my name and my husbands name but we are not the signatories?

Dec 19, 2006 - The Federal Reserve Banks already have their teets in the wringer over ... with overseeing approximately 175 secret CIA bank accounts, according to ... visited her husband Colonel Russell Hermann several times in the months www.theantechamber.net/V_K_Durham/More911FinancialTerror.htm

11/14/03. THE KEYS TO PANDORA'S BOX have previously been put on the internet to open THE 100's of GOLD ACCOUNTS around the world. It is not THIS TRUST or SUB-TRUST'S problem if "THE FED R./UST" gets kicked in its "behind" and loses all in the fray.
The FED should have never cut a deal with "mental deficient's" such as GAIA EKKER'S "Fabricating the entire program" hoping to "lock down the GOLD & GOLD ACCOUNTS, by murdering Col. Herman-Herman, forging his signature, pretending to own something they did not own, never could own, or get control over."
(Ekker Recording, and "They bit on my poisoned bait")

It is now; COUNT DOWN on the time for THE KEYS TO PANDORA'S BOX TO BE MADE PUBLIC, and to be opened. Matters not who opens PANDORA'S BOX. We have NO leaders who qualify for "management of the GOLD of the People"..

So well remembered, is the late December afternoon when A.F. of the J.D.L., called our home after Russell returned from his kidnapping and torture of October 28, 1993.
I listened in on that conversation. A.F. told Russell; "You son of a bitch, that was just the beginning. I will hound you to your grave, and far beyond."

People such as the man making this statement, in my own opinion, and in the opinion of others who have seen the photos of Russell's body, knowing what happened to him, and the torture prior to his being placed in the Veterans Administration Health Care Facility at Marion Illinois to suffocate and freeze to death have all agreed; "These Ashkenazi's need the lesson of the ages which will last in memory for centuries yet to come."

The U.S. DEBT was paid in the amount of $6.5 Trillion Dollars GOLD COLLATERAL which was the agreed amount. The instruments were drafted May 21, 2003, shipped via DHLWorldwide Express to the man who was appointed by the FED. R/UST to manage the UBS, CREDIT SWISS, AMRO, FLEET BOSTON, CLEAR STREEM, EURO CLEAR "ACCOUNTS" being the man known in GOLD TRADING AS "MR. K." who's full name is KAMARULZAMAN BIN ANNUAR, PASSPORT NUMBER A12317489 "MALAYSIA"; ADDRESS: Suite 10.05. 10th Floor, Plaza See Hoy Chan, Janal Raja Chulan, Kala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The U.S. DEBT PAYMENT "GOLD COLLATERAL INSTRUMENTS" were requested to be forwarded via DHLWorldwide Express to:
Mr. Kamarulzaman Bin Annuar
Marina Banus ED1 3
Planta 2D
Marabella, Spain

The DHL Tracking Number 764237461. Track it if you chose. The package was picked up by DHL @ 16:00 hours, June 03, 2003.
Package Delivered; June 10, 2003 @ 13:07 hours.
Method of payment: MC5329031654343449.

Mr. Bin Annuar, took the instruments to Alan Greenspan at the U.S. Fed. R., to the Sec. of the U.S. Dept. of the Treasury, to the WHITE HOUSE for "Approval." All signed off on the approval of THE U.S. DEBT PAYMENT by DEBT SWAP-DEBT CONVERSION in the amount of $6.5 Trillion Dollars Gold Collateral, then THE CIA in Spain, got it's cut.

Mr. Bin Annuar's father built the WORLD TRADE TOWERS in Malaysia, currently retired in WALES. Mr. Bin Annuar's father is led to believe the son is "running the family business of the World Trade Towers" when in fact, he is heavily involved IN GOLD TRADING and WORKING FOR THE FED/UST.

For the FED.R./UST to STEAL; $6.5 Trillion Dollars U.S. DEBT PAYMENT by DEBT SWAP-DEBT CONVERSION, tendered in Lawful, Duly Constituted, Equity Gold Collateral, and to use same for purposes other than SPECIFIC TERMS SPECIFIED i.e., PAYMENT OF THE U.S.DEBT IN FULL and RETURN OF ALL MORTGAGES AND PROPERTY TITLES TO BE RETURNED TO THE UNITED STATES which were TAKEN OUTSIDE THE JURISDICTION OF THE U.S. the week of May 20th, 2002, taken to LONDON HOUSE of Rothschild, then moved to the Paris Rothschild Banking, SPECIFICALLY REQUIRED 'PERFORMANCE' BY THE FED. R./UST.

Adding insult to an already injury; THE U.S. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES know about this U.S. DEBT PAYMENT. They sit and do nothing but show their backsides while holding a filibuster on blue smoke issues, not nearly as important as FINDING OUT WHERE IN THE HELL THE PAYMENT OF THE U.S. DEBT WENT?! If matters do not change, and change swiftly; PANDORA'S BOX will be opened.

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