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Ingress: A Beginners Guide. Not A Joke A Real Nightmare. The GoogleBorg!

Please let me present this backward. That will provide the most impact. This is a reality game that will destroy all political reality for you. You will be assimilated into the GooglePlex Borg. No more "politics" for you. It is NOT a sci-fi joke. Follow the progression, please! Oh Just like the first gmail You must be invited.
It is not at all what it appears to be. It is your new Google false reality. YOUR LIFE REDUCED TO A STUPID GAME. Don't believe first impressions. This is NOT science fiction at all. Go backward into this hell:

Ingress Report | Ingress Coming Out of Beta Dec. 14 - EP34 [Meaningless]

How to play Ingress [Meaningless, insane]

Ingress: A Beginners Guide (What Is Ingress, Hack/Attack/Defense, Level Up Tips + Cautions) [Insane]

THIS IS JUST WHAT THEY HAVE REDUCED YOU TO. (But just like the first gmail, you must first be invited.)

To hell. Fuck Google+Fuck and Fuckbook. Corporate podmasters.

Get yourself a WordPress.com site and home-brew your own message!

This Will Make TV Look Like The Old 78 RPM Record 29.Nov.2013 03:29


I have a very bad feeling about this. Google is closing up the gates. Somehow this will be made into a cash cow. People will be meeting strangers in strange places; so how could anything go wrong? Of course one would need a Google account to "play," so you must provide this behemoth corporation with your real name, date of birth, gender, a current email address, and country or territory of residence. And if they find out you lied, you get banned. This is detailed at:

Google Support Why Google asks for your information at sign-up

The thing is described in:

Ausdroid [blog] Google's Ingress is now open to the public

Google has often censored the left wing Citizens for Legitimate Government news organization's email subscription service, when sent to Gmail users, by sending CLG's periodic news mail directly to the users' spam bin! (CLG is "A multi-partisan activist group established to expose and resist US imperialism, corporaterrorism, and the New World Order.") See:

NSAssociate Google Relegated Tuesday's CLG Newsletter to Spam Bin
 link to www.legitgov.org

There are comments from some "players" that seem to hint that it's sort of addictive. What happens if some "player" gets run over by a Google driverless car?