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Where pardoned turkeys go to die

All the turkeys ever pardoned at the White House are dead, including the six already given a pass from the roasting pan by President Barack Obama in previous years.
The sad lives of domesticated turkeys:  http://www.cnn.com/2013/11/27/politics/pardoned-turkeys/index.html

Bred for eating young, not for living 27.Nov.2013 10:36

Mike Novack

That article didn't go very far in explanation and there is a lot more involved than overfeeding.

The common commercial turkeys are of the "broad breasted turkey" breeds and these are quite different than the original bird. They can't fly, can't safely walk about full grown, usually can't mate without help, can't rear their young, etc. The article did get it right that they rarely survive very long, even given good care. They were bred for one thing only, grow very fast to market size with a huge amount of breast meat.

There are still some of the "heritage" (pre "broad breasted") breeds around. Those are very much like wild turkeys (South American wild turkey -- will have a white tail band rather than the red tail band of the North American turkey -- easy to see when the tom displays).

extra suffering 27.Nov.2013 18:58


I understand that the effort involved to provide every American with turkey for Thanksgiving causes additional suffering to the animals. Skip the turkey and love the animals.

Compassionate—> ‘Flashback’ 29.Nov.2013 12:01


Thanksgiving's Toll on Turkeys—  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2010/11/403891.shtml

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