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Blackstone$ Sea World & Hilton Hotels Create Lake Michigan Orca Whale Heaven Santuary*

Blackstone Private Equity Group & their Chinese Investment partners (CIC)China's Investment Corp have just recently bought Lake Michigan to convert into a future unconfined World Class Sea World~Hilton Hotel Orca Whale Habitat!
@HillarysReady* Independent U.S. voters voicing various www commentary to assist in bringing thoughts from the center of our current U.S.political system .. @HillarysAgenda* 329 TWEETS 2,001 FOLLOWING 804 FOLLOWERS Tweets Hillary's Ready* ?@HillarysReady 19h Greenpeace members have been accused Inter+nationally of dating whales or dolphins more often than> http://fus.in/1jCRVYY via @ThisIsFusion Hillary's Ready* ?@HillarysReady 25 Nov @mchastain81 @Earth_Pics~Vladimir Putin says" If Greenpeace promises not to protest Russia's Oil platform in Lake Erie,Artic Sunrise is free Hillary's Ready* ?@HillarysReady 25 Nov @mchastain81 @Earth_Pics~Russia's Vladimir Putin told Greenpeace he would release their Artic Sunrise ship if they set sail 2 Lake Michigan Hillary's Ready* ?@HillarysReady 25 Nov @mchastain81 @Earth_Pics~Greenpeace told TMZ that Sea World has bought the right$ to use Lake Michigan to train their Orcas & Dolphins ! Hillary's Ready* ?@HillarysReady 25 Nov @mchastain81 @Earth_Pics~TMZ report:Released Vladimir Putin former Russian captive Greenpeace activists next protest site is Lake Michigan ! Mary Chastain ?@mchastain81 25 Nov Home RT @Earth_Pics: Chicago Skyline. pic.twitter.com/LjcM84aRuI Hillary's Ready* ?@HillarysReady 19 Nov @HillarysReady~We all feel America is long overdue for a female U.S. President,& obviously no female in the land,is more qualified to lead ! Hillary's Ready* ?@HillarysReady 19 Nov As independent www political Twitter bloggers,we support the future 2016 Presidential political team of Hillary Clinton & Bill Clinton.. Hillary's Ready* ?@HillarysReady 1 Nov Our next group of World Leaders have to be more determined to prevent this frightening Countdown to Zero:http://youtu.be/n12Y7mo7fqM via @youtube Hillary's Ready* ?@HillarysReady 1 Nov What everyone with sane minds should know about Nuclear Proliferation Safeguards in 2013 & beyond .. http://www.world-nuclear.org/info/Safety-and-Security/Non-Proliferation/Safeguards-to-Prevent-Nuclear-Proliferation/#.UnPdEAw2k50.twitter ... Hillary's Ready* ?@HillarysReady 1 Nov Next up>Various videos & articles relating to nuclear prevention saving our current world from becoming future wasteland like Japan@OneWayJP John B. Taylor ?@EconomicsOne 28 Oct Huge economic policy shift is the main cause of our economic and political turmoil. My article in WSJ http://on.wsj.com/1f0BHZf Glenn Greenwald ?@ggreenwald 30 Oct Here's @Atrios, in two acts, short and pithy on NSA spying: 1) http://is.gd/JH34LC - 2) http://is.gd/aEkcuE Hillary's Agenda* ?@HILLARYSAGENDA 30 Oct Who Will Rid Me Of This Meddlesome Press? NSA Director Calls For Actions To Be Taken Against ... http://wp.me/p6sYP-iAo via @michaelspindell Hillary's Agenda* ?@HILLARYSAGENDA 30 Oct NSA Chief: 'To My Knowledge' Agency Didn't Tap Google, Yahoo Data Centers http://talkingpointsmemo.com/livewire/nsa-chief-to-my-knowledge-agency-didn-t-tap-google-yahoo-data-centers ... Hillary's Agenda* ?@HILLARYSAGENDA 30 Oct @mikeallen~TMZ reveals NSA CEO,Alexander offers to fix Obamacare computers in exchange of health info on all enrolled over next 5 years* Hillary's Agenda* ?@HILLARYSAGENDA 28 Oct USA Obamacare just hired this guy to promote our countries healthy future ! http://youtu.be/ML3qYHWRIZk via @youtube Albert Camus ?@AIbertCamus 21 Oct One revolutionary tweet that moves the masses to action is worth a thousand poems that drag the masses in the mud of emotional mushiness. opednews ?@opednews 26 Oct Billionaires Are Dangerous to Humanity, Dangerous to the Earth http://bit.ly/1dcgURU Hillary's Ready* ?@HillarysReady 26 Oct Who was it that said"It's not where 1 begins that's important,it's where 1 finishes that counts" http://townhall.com/political-cartoons/JerryHolbert/2013/10/25/113117 ... via @townhallcom Hillary's Ready* ?@HillarysReady 26 Oct Elite owned Think Tanks need 2 inform elite owned www,violent gaming video$ might suspect #1 http://townhall.com/political-cartoons/KenCatalino/2013/10/26/113146 ... via @townhallcom Hillary's Ready* ?@HillarysReady 26 Oct We pray these magic carpet ride computers assist in bringing the International World closer 4 PEACE. http://townhall.com/political-cartoons/HenryPayne/2013/10/25/113115 ... via @townhallcom Hillary's Agenda* ?@HILLARYSAGENDA 24 Oct You have to admit,cartoonist Henry Payne really does have his ear to the ground 4 political humor http://townhall.com/political-cartoons/HenryPayne/2013/10/24/113090 ... via @townhallcom The Quote Today ?@TheQuoteToday 21 Oct We are like islands in the sea, separate on the surface but connected in the deep. William James (1842-1910) #TQT Hillary's Agenda* ?@HILLARYSAGENDA 25 Oct WSJ report>Anthony Weiner today alerted NYC kids using their computer phones not 2 look at his www nude pictures,unless your parents approve Joyce Meyer ?@JoyceMeyer 24 Oct Life can be easy when you depend on God & His leading. Pray for God to lead you where He wants you to be-even if that means embracing change Hillary's Ready* ?@HillarysReady 21 Oct @Reuters~U.S. Seantor Mitch McConnell concern with Inter+National Corp free speech is Super PAC$ Greed http://youtu.be/hoI2yQFnfK8 via @youtube Hillary's Agenda* ?@HILLARYSAGENDA 21 Oct Washington's open secret: Profitable PACs http://cnet.co/18AwtBS via @cnet Derek Cressman ?@DerekCressman 18 Oct Constitutional amendment may be only way out of campaign finance deregulation: Another view http://ow.ly/pX44g Trevor Potter ?@thetrevorpotter 21 Oct Washington's open secret: Profitable PACs http://cbsn.ws/1a2tHYy via Steve Kroft of @60Minutes Hillary's Agenda* ?@HILLARYSAGENDA 19 Oct Elite owned Corporations not paying Uncle Sam any Tax$ last year,while cutting poorer Americans food stamp$ http://on.wsj.com/1fM42pd via @WSJ Hillary's Agenda* ?@HILLARYSAGENDA 19 Oct 26 Major Corporations Paid No Corporate Income Tax 4 Last 4 Years, Despite Making Billions In Profits http://thkpr.gs/HBjsL3 via @TPEconomy Hillary's Agenda* ?@HILLARYSAGENDA 19 Oct @TPEconomy~With 17 million hungry American kids praying nightly for food,these elite owned Corporations apparently are more interested in $ Hillary's Agenda* ?@HILLARYSAGENDA 19 Oct Wealthiest country in the world has 17 million hungry USA kids & we just witnessed many in our U.S. Congress side with cutting food stamps? Hillary's Agenda* ?@HILLARYSAGENDA 19 Oct @TPEconomy~USA billionaire elites do not even care if the World knows they are so inhumane even to American children> who are going hungry ! Hillary's Agenda* ?@HILLARYSAGENDA 19 Oct @HILLARYSAGENDA~Does our USA Tea Party support Uncle Sam sending $50 billion to international community to fight AIDS with hungry usa kids ? Hillary's Agenda* ?@HILLARYSAGENDA 18 Oct @Reuters~U.S. Seantor Mitch McConnell concern with Inter+National Corp free speech is Super PAC$ Greed http://youtu.be/hoI2yQFnfK8 via @youtube Hillary's Agenda* ?@HILLARYSAGENDA 18 Oct @Reuters~Not all American voters are fooled by U.S. Senator Mitch McConnell keeping " Free Speech Corp Super PAC$ " http://www.latimes.com/opinion/commentary/la-oe-zimmerman-congress-history-20131016,0,7150408.story ... Hillary's Agenda* ?@HILLARYSAGENDA 18 Oct @HILLARYSAGENDA~Twitter able to censor tweets in individual countries http://gu.com/p/353tz/tw via @guardian Hillary's Agenda* ?@HILLARYSAGENDA 18 Oct @HILLARYSAGENDA~According to our Twitter snitch,Hillary's Agenda political comedy is not always appreciated in some Inter+National location$ Hillary's Ready* ?@HillarysReady 18 Oct @HILLARYSAGENDA~Would U have guessed John Boehner qualified 4 special agent Secret Service protection when visiting DC's little Whorehouse ? Hillary's Ready* ?@HillarysReady 18 Oct @HILLARYSAGENDA~Why did Ohio's Republican Congressional leader John Boehner pass on $500,000 from Starbuck$ Coffee folks 2 hold their cup ? Hillary's Agenda* ?@HILLARYSAGENDA 17 Oct Great picture of Ohio Republican mover & shaker coming out of a little Whore House in Washington DC http://news.yahoo.com/dems-time-gop-unite-end-shutdown-133230462--politics.html ... via @YahooNews Hillary's Ready* ?@HillarysReady 17 Oct The perfect epitaph for establishment journalism | Glenn Greenwald http://gu.com/p/3jgkp/tw via @guardian Hillary's Agenda* ?@HILLARYSAGENDA 17 Oct @YouTube~In 80 years,International community expects Japan's www bloggers 2 also say Japanese never destroyed the World's Whales & Dolphins Hillary's Agenda* ?@HILLARYSAGENDA 17 Oct @YouTube~Japanese bloggers attempting to rewrite Nanking History of destroying Chinese Families as Japan now destroys Worlds Whale famiies ! Hillary's Agenda* ?@HILLARYSAGENDA 3 Oct Nothing worse>Japanese not owning up to their dirty deeds destroying Whales or Humans in Nanking China http://youtu.be/PhmH1MJ-sTA via @youtube Hillary's Agenda* ?@HILLARYSAGENDA 16 Oct Senate leaders announce bipartisan deal:USA voters no longer reminded Congress cooperated with Tarp$ http://news.yahoo.com/compromise-or-collapse--lawmakers-eye-breakthrough-on-debt--spending-150123572.html ... via @YahooNews Hillary's Agenda* ?@HILLARYSAGENDA 16 Oct & 2 U.S. Presidents got both Political parties support 4 Hundreds of Billions in the Tarp Bailout http://townhall.com/political-cartoons/JerryHolbert/2013/10/16/112892 ... via @townhallcom Hillary's Agenda* ?@HILLARYSAGENDA 15 Oct @HILLARYSAGENDA~"Our institute brings together top research neuroscientists 2 collaborate on unlocking mysteries of the Congressional brains Hillary's Agenda* ?@HILLARYSAGENDA 15 Oct Max Planck Florida Institute announced they are sending more brain specialists 2 DC 2 help U.S. Congressional folks http://www.mpg.de/6660149/Grand_opening_Max_Planck_Florida_Institute ... Hillary's Agenda* ?@HILLARYSAGENDA 15 Oct U.S. Supreme Court filled with a few minority Justices,takes on Michigan's affirmative action ban http://nbcnews.to/17smZVy via @NBCNews Amber Lyon ?@AmberLyon 11 Oct Committee to Protect Journalists issues scathing report on Obama administration http://gu.com/p/3jehb Hillary's Ready* ?@HillarysReady 14 Oct 2016Independent : Calculating Dollars Tied to Deception in the 2012 Republican Presidentia...: http... http://po.st/7FEEQ7 via @po_st Hillary's Agenda* ?@HILLARYSAGENDA 13 Oct @reason~Some may believe' Billionaires who tell the World they have 0 interest in $ but supply www kids Adult Porn 4 DNA reasons=criminals ? Hillary's Agenda* ?@HILLARYSAGENDA 13 Oct & Microsoft's Bing 24/7 supply of www hardcore Adult Porn to the World's Children is somehow harmless ? http://reason.com/blog/2013/02/22/should-people-who-look-at-child-pornogra ... via @reason Hillary's Agenda* ?@HILLARYSAGENDA 13 Oct TMZ report>USA Royal Family of Bill & Melinda Gates,show their www child Porn respect 2 Britain's Royals http://vrge.co/1c2Usw7 via @verge Hillary's Agenda* ?@HILLARYSAGENDA 13 Oct @Bingconstantly~Many years Bill Gates & Melinda Gates Microsoft's www Bing cementing its www Porn credentials http://cnet.co/dK61xz via @ Hillary's Agenda* ?@HILLARYSAGENDA 13 Oct @Bingconstantly~ Hillary's Agenda* @HILLARYSAGENDA 50s Bill Gates & Big Brother http://www.theamericanconservative.com/dreher/bill-gates-big-brother/ ... ... via @amconmag