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Proposal of The Civilian Air Force ...

In these times in which We find ourselves placed upon predetermined paths in the Direction of Madness, preconceiving notions of future's necessity can not be that difficult to determine in the Preservation of Ones Self or in the Protection of the Integrity of Our Nation.

It is within Reason to prepare for the difficulties that are an almost certainty, when Men are willing to participate in the Un-Thinkable against their Own People. So, I am encouraging the Participation in Protecting not Only Yourselves but the Community We call America, for the Implementation and Use of Private Aircraft, Private Industry and Assets to Develop those Protections in the Form of an Illicit Army to Face the Criminal Enterprise that has Engulfed Our Country.

These Enemy, We Face, are the same Men who have seen too many episodes of Star Wars, or the Terminator, and are willing to implement such Tools against Our Person, and the Only Appropriate Response is the Take the Profit out of it, and Create through Our Own Self Determination the Ability to Nullify Madness.

Any Company that Manufactures Drone Type Aircraft, UAV's and or like Aircraft, and Knowingly allows the Use of Such, or has Knowledge of the Use of that Product against American Citizens with U.S. Borders, should be Censured by All Citizens, Private Industry, and De-funded by the Demand of the People.

This Includes and Manufacturer of UAV Aircraft, Manufacturers of Microwave, Laser, X-Ray, or other Weapons designed for Lethal Use against Human Targets in the United States, or Any Peoples deemed by Any Reasonable Person, Agency, or Government Body, American Foreign or Otherwise.

Further in the Encouragement, I would like to Request the Participation of Any and All Civilian Pilots Associations, Air Traffic Controllers, and Commercial Air Pilots to work Cooperatively in the Location and Reporting of Activities of Sighted UAV's, Drone Aircraft, and take a Responsible Stand in Voicing their Concern in the Matter of how these Aircraft are allowed to Operate and Engage with the American Public.

Secret Operations due to Legality, will remain Secret. But the proposal of such can not be approached with open discussion and the concession of necessity by Sane Men. I suggest You Organize Quietly, and keep Your Groups free of Strangers. May God Save Us All.

Take Care,

-Tracy Mapes

its called a civil air patrol 25.Nov.2013 12:30


just in case you didn't know.

In a Manner? ...I'm Proposing Something with a Little More Bite than that. 25.Nov.2013 14:24

Tracy Mapes


Recommending All Freedom Loving Americans and Pilots wear the Following Patch 26.Nov.2013 12:15

Tracy Mapes

...in a Show of Solidarity to end the Madness of Criminality Our Nation Now Faces. And the Purpose of such is Explained Below. Also Recommend Marking Private Aircraft in a Similar Manner to Show Force in the Determination of All Americans to Maintain American Ideals and Sovereignty.

Invasion Stripes and their purpose in War.

Invasion stripes
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Invasion stripes were alternating black and white bands painted on the fuselages and wings of World War II Allied aircraft, for the purpose of increased recognition by friendly forces (and thus reduced friendly fire incidents) during and after the Normandy Landings. The bands, consisting of three white and two black bands, wrapped around the rear of an aircraft fuselage just in front of the empennage (tail) and from front to back around both the upper and lower surfaces of the wings.
Stripes were applied to fighters, photo-reconnaissance aircraft, troop carriers, twin-engined medium and light bombers, and some special duty aircraft, but were not painted on four-engined heavy bombers of the U.S. Eighth Air Force or RAF Bomber Command, as there was little chance of mistaken identity—few such bombers existed in the Luftwaffe. The order affected all aircraft of the Allied Expeditionary Air Force, the Air Defence of Great Britain, gliders, and support aircraft such as Coastal Command air-sea rescue aircraft whose duties might entail their overflying Allied anti-aircraft defenses. To stop aircraft being compromised when based at forward bases in France, a month after D-Day stripes were ordered removed from the upper surfaces of airplanes, and completely removed by the end of 1944.

The use of recognition stripes was conceived when a study of the effects of thousands of aircraft using IFF on D-Day concluded that they would saturate and break down the existing system. Air Chief Marshal Sir Trafford Leigh-Mallory, commanding the Allied Expeditionary Air Force, approved the scheme on May 17, 1944. A small scale test exercise was flown over the OVERLORD invasion fleet on June 1, to familiarize the ships' crews with the markings, but for security reasons, orders to paint the stripes were not issued to the troop carrier units until June 3 and to the fighter and bomber units until June.

The Beginning? ...Or the End. 26.Nov.2013 15:14

Tracy Mapes