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Fubonn Protest on Black Friday, 29 November 2013, 13:30 - 14:30

Fubonn has been accused of forcing workers to work off the clock, work under dangerous condition, and refused proper breast feeding breaks. Two workers at Fubonn are owed thousands of dollars, and we demand that they be paid what is owed and that they start complying with all labor and safety regulations. A call out to protest the managements treatment will be at 1:30 to 2:30 on 11.29.13
Continuing our wage theft campaign at Fubonn, we are re-initiating the campaign with a Black Friday picket in front of the grocery store! On Black Friday we are coming out to show them that we will not back down, and that the campaign is going forward despite their attempts to silence us. We will not stand by while workers are abused and not paid fair compensation. Join us in this community picket, and stay tuned as we move forward!

You can learn more about this particular campaign below:
 link to wagingnonviolence.org

Learn more about the Portland Solidarity Network:

Fubonn Supermarket and Shopping Center
2850 SE 82nd Ave, Ste #1, Portland, Oregon

Event Map:

Previous protest on September 9th:

Related link on this struggle for wages and justice 24.Nov.2013 13:28


The struggle & waging of non violence pressure.


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Cancelled Protest - - I think 27.Nov.2013 19:28

Joe A

I heard that this protest was "called off"

I'm trying to get more info, and will post what I find out back here asap

I hope if this is cancelled ...its for the right (just) reasons

their event map page says: cancelled 27.Nov.2013 21:20

Joe A

Event Map:


Event Is Canceled

This event is canceled by owner

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This makes me boil 02.Dec.2013 13:18

Big Money vs Little Workers

>> just a rumor - the (twisted) Fubon management is (possibly) [(?)] serving lawsuit on their upset ex-workers.
>> please post any information that lawsuit issues is relevant or just a rumor.

Solidarity 16.Jan.2014 09:30

strong stand


Portland Solidarity Network is starting a coalition around the Fubonn campaign which we hope will eventually turn into a broader alternative labor coalition. We are inviting our supporters and labor organizations to take part in leading Alternative Labor in Portland.

This Sunday Jan. 19th, 5pm at In Other Words (14 NE Killingsworth St.) we will be hosting the first meeting around the campaign. Please come out to show your support and to make this campaign your campaign.

Please RSVP by emailing us here:


For more information about the campaign visit our website:


be specific. always 17.Jan.2014 20:24

a chinese anarchist

I have a really hard time taking your protest seriously if you cannot be specific with your language. There are easily a dozen independent businesses in the Fubonn building and parking lot area.

Only ONE of them is Fubonn Supermarket. With this unspecific protest, you are penalizing local small businesses that are in the whole complex. A lot of people hear "fubonn" and steer clear of the whole building. In fact, there are several businesses inside the building that are NOT Fubonn supermarket. There's a korean restaurant, a sushi place, a bakery, and several other small businesses who rent space in the building.

Though I would love to support your protest, I find it IMPOSSIBLE to take yall seriously when you don't seem to care whether or not you put OTHER small businesses out of business or not. That is like saying, "hey, let's boycott chinatown mall" instead of saying, "we are boycotting Fubonn Supermarket"

Please be specific with your wording, or you are also hurting dozens of workers in the entire complex who do not even work for Fubonn Supermarket. To me, this shows absolutely no consideration for non-offending small business owners and their workers. If you are boycotting "Fubonn Supermarket, located in the Fubonn Shopping Center" say that. If you are boycotting every single individual business in the "Fubonn Shoping Center," say that.

ALL your statements and media should ALWAYS accurately reflect which business you are actually boycotting.

Fubonn Protester met with micky mouse intimidation 01.Feb.2014 12:18

Ben Waiting

Fubonn's failed attempts at intimidation: 2 rent-a-cops, 2 guys in a car shooting video, one photographer with a big telephoto hiding behind a van, and several other people keeping an eye on folks.

Goof Ball security guard picture from recent protest on Jan 31st

The facebook event page is here:  https://www.facebook.com/events/584878604927155/?previousaction=join&source=1

Previous Post from Previou Protest 01.Feb.2014 12:26

[ ubthemedia ]

 http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2013/09/425138.shtml... WITH A (((( i )))) VIDEO LINK ON YOUTUBE FROM PROTEST ON 9.21.13