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A Foster Road Built For People

Foster Road is one of Portland's meanest streets when it comes to traffic and traffic deaths. There are more crashes, serious injuries and death on Foster than on similar streets in Portland. This is about to change - A new city plan proposes a remix of the street to slow traffic and improve safety.
Extra community support needed for the new Foster Road. The change is controversial (as all good ideas are) and the more support shown now the better.

Foster Road Open House - Thursday, December 5th - 6-8pm at SE Works (79th & Foster).

The new Foster Road will transform the street from a fast thoroughfare with a history of traffic crashes to a neighborhood main street. The new street will have one lane in each direction, a center turn lane, bike lanes, and parking lanes where there is room. The sidewalks will have trees added, and the commercial areas will get better street lighting. Every 5 blocks or so there will be a safe pedestrian crossing, and east of 82nd, the sidewalk will be completely rebuilt and widened from the terrible conditions that exist today.

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