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The March Against Mainstream Media (MAMM)

I guess you didn't hear about that, huh?
Yeah. There was a march against "mainstream media" which you heard nothing about.

I wonder why?

The March Against Mainstream Media (MAMM)

Thousands protest press credibility in march against mainstream media:

Or see the video:

homepage: homepage: http://simplescorevoting.wordpress.com/

Not Playing This Game Again 18.Nov.2013 21:28


Everybody knows what I mean. And so do you.

If my messages are so irrelevant, why would you care?

We can march against the MSM as many times as needed.

How-To - Or? DIYS 19.Nov.2013 02:31

Tracy Mapes

The fact is ...the mainstream media has been usurped of credibility by Criminal Racketeering and Corruption of the U.S. Government.

There are Only 25 Target Markets and 100 Total Targets to Assault with Protests and Protest Measures.

That means if you applied the Same Numbers as Occupy was able to Generate, and sent them only to Shutdown the 4 Major Networks in each of the 25 Top TV Markets, you would not only make sure that there' was Televised outcry from the TV Stations, every Man, Woman, and Child would want to know Why?

And that's Why Target Media Outlets Directly Not Only Makes Sense, it Would Probably be the Most Effective Tool in Collapsing the Criminality of this Empire.

Using their Tools for Market Saturation of Your Message at their Expense.


-Tracy Mapes

When these guys 19.Nov.2013 09:00

make some noise

actually take over a media outlet, instead of just marching against it, people will start paying attention.

The World-Wide Protests Are Expected To Continue 19.Nov.2013 10:06


As reported in the video below, the protesters plan to just repeat the demonstrations against the media. This will not be ignored forever; that seems pretty much guaranteed. All we have to do is keep marching. If we try to take over a media outlet, that could have a number of undesirable consequences.

This will be especially effective if continued next spring. The winter will be cold in most places, and it's no good letting folks watch you suffer. By keeping to simple, easy-to-perform demonstrations we should be able to maintain a sustained presence. And not just burn out as OWS seems to have done.

Thousands to participate in global 'March Against the Mainstream Media'