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Wyoming New Heart VP Dick Cheney Tells Daughter's Wyoming Voters,"You Gotts Have Heart.".

God fearing Ohio Governor,John Kasich has to be asking God if he should be the very first Governor in America to allow the harvesting of USA prison inmates vital organs like China does with Falun Gong..
1) Tampa'sLowryParkZoo @LowryParkZoo
Poaching is driving elephants and other treasured African species to the brink of extinction. Last week the US...  http://t.co/cwEwsAHOhy

2) Hillary's Agenda* @HILLARYSAGENDA
@LowryParkZoo~If China's captive Falun Gong meditation captive prisoners are being killed in Chinese prisons,for organ transplants then..

3) Hillary's Agenda* @HILLARYSAGENDA
@LowryParkZoo~Chinese organ transplant folks also have the skills to transplant the Worlds elephants with artificial tusks so they can live

4) Hillary's Agenda* @HILLARYSAGENDA
@LowryParkZoo~The future International elephant population can obviously be saved using implanted tusks to replace valuable real ivory tusks

5) Hillary's Agenda* @HILLARYSAGENDA
@LowryParkZoo~Once Ivory Tusks are acquired by Gov't agencies,they can be sold Internationally to help protect Gods other endangered animals

6) Hillary's Agenda* @HILLARYSAGENDA
@LowryParkZoo~Using Chinese transplant specialists to save World's Elephants,allows us 0 worries about China's endangered Falun Gong member$

7) Hillary's Agenda* @HILLARYSAGENDA
China 'murdering Falun Gong members for organ harvesting'  http://t.co/h9QyWK6j90 via @IrishTimes

8) №1.nieuws▼ @N1EUWS
#Satan's Lawyer From Hell Executing Hank Skinner After His Exoneration DNA...  http://t.co/rU6o7BczrK #NOs #journaal #dwdd #nIeuws #vandaag

9) Mark Cicero @1freetruth
Will Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott Rendition Persecuted Hank Skinner to Syria Next ?  http://t.co/VIrnMTKEMY #OccupyInfo #OWSinfo ...

10) Hillary's Agenda* @HILLARYSAGENDA
Ohio Gov. delays execution to consider convicted murderers heart organ donation request to Dick Cheney  http://t.co/NDdrMlIVuS via @foxnews
Details 20 : 08

11)Hillary's Agenda* @HILLARYSAGENDA
@FoxNews~Former VP Dick Cheney stated today at his daughters side in Wyoming" I also agree with keeping Healthcare$ in USA in a bad economy

12) Hillary's Agenda* @HILLARYSAGENDA
@FoxNews~Dick Cheney admits,U.S. prisoner$ hearts are more expensive than China's Falun Gong prisoners hearts,but we know U gotta have heart