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Obama : The Czar Nicolas of the Progressive movement?

Could we be witnessing history repeating itself?
A leader who is intellectually detached from his own country, uninterested in his own administration's policies, and is quarantined from his own cabinet and staff by the Rasputin of the administration?

The reason the MSM has turned on President Obama in recent weeks is because something much more important to them is at stake than Obama's Presidency. That is the Progressive movement itself. People are beginning to equate government activism with epic failure, fraud and incompetence that would land the private sector equivalent in bankruptcy court or federal prison.

The failure of ACA (Obamacare) could end up being the scarlet letter of the left for at least two generations. A "Chinese fire drill" for millions of policy holders that still leaves 40 million uninsured Americans is not a solution to be proud of or one that will prove helpful for those who want single payer. In fact, It will have the opposite effect, because the same people, ideology, and institutions that brought us the ACA will be the salespeople for "Medicare For All" but now looks more like more like "Medicaid for many" financed not by the rich but by the middle and lower middle class.

President Obama is reported to be a classic introvert who doesn't like socializing with people at all. He has a core group of confidants who will only give him the good news, stroke his ego, and blow blinding sunshine up dark places. Key among these is the person referred to by Whitehouse staff as "The Night stalker" due to her unique access to the family quarters of the Whitehouse after hours.

The so called Rasputin of the Obama administration name is Valerie Jarrett. It is rumored that this unelected official is one who gave the orders on Benghazi that left 4 dead Americans including a United States ambassador and this embarrassment is the reason for the cover-up that followed.
Much like being named CEO and then putting your sister in charge of operations, someone who cannot be fired, who probably isn't the best person for the job and who won't be totally honest about the problems you face. The president has a huge problem, and consequently the country has a huge problem because of it.
Whoever is really in charge at the Whitehouse is irrelevant at this point. The damage caused by the calamitous rollout and implementation of the ACA is beyond anyone's control in the administration at that point, and for those who want the ACA to die a horrible death are getting more embolden and winning converts every day, many of them democrats up for reelection in 2014.

Whether or not the ACA will be replaced quietly with a market driven approach or will actually be repealed with great GOP fanfare is yet to be seen, but one thing appears to be true, President Obama is becoming that Reagan-like transitional figure he spoke about in 2008. However the death of progressivism isn't the change you had hoped for.

" of the Progressive movement " 16.Nov.2013 11:58


Where is it defined / specified / referenced,

that Obama or his administration is somehow or ever was "of the Progressive movement" ?

Democrat (corporate-owned) Party presidential nominee, and he was somehow "of the Progressive movement" ?

what is a / the "Progressive movement" anyway ? Is the (corporate-owned) Democrat Party "of the Progressive movement" ?

in 21st century America, no-one "of the Progressive movement" would court or support the One-Party Plutocratic Corporatocracy, or one of its candidates.

Since When Is A Republicrat Mafioso A Progresive? 16.Nov.2013 13:10


Abolish the "two-party system" with simple score voting. It's totally simple.

Obama is the one..... except when he isn't. 16.Nov.2013 14:46


I can't help but laugh.

Every time Communism/Socialism/Marxism/Maoism/Progressivism is tried and failed, its an orphan. That was never ever X-ism, because X-ism wasn't tried correctly, by the right people/person, etc.

To be fair Obamacare is a confabrication (if that's a word) of private sector insurance companies being coerced by government into offering polices they don't like to people who don't want them.

When the employer mandate kicks in next year is when the shit storm will really hit. as many as 70 million people might end up losing their employer sponsored health care and pick a much more expensive plan in the Obamacare market.

The point is, Joe Schmoe and Mrs. Schmoe aren't up to date on Progressive theory and will equate getting fucked not with an insurance company, but those big government lovers who forced this galactically idiotic system on them.

I seriously doubt it will get that far and will be replaced by something that appears on the surface as a "fix" but will actually be a replacement similar to what we use to have.


progressive movement?? 16.Nov.2013 15:40

no surrender

there's a progressive movement?? WHERE?????

homeboy barry is to the right of the right of the right.

Let The Republicrat Mafioso Give Everyone Medicare + Medicaid 16.Nov.2013 15:43


Socialism really kicks ass! Crapitalism just sucks. Only the crapitalists are multi-millionaires.

Why should we care about these monsters that could give no shit about us?

That sit under the bridge and suck our blood.

WHY, actually?

Let the Republicrat Mafioso Give Everyone Medicare + Medicaid.