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shameless rich

Shame, shame, shame.
At the worst of Georgia's ten year draught the roadkill did not decay. It just lay there and shriveled into mummified bodies in the terrible dry heat. During this time landscapers and nurseries suffered economically and some went out of business because the water rationing deprived them of the water necessary for their plants and their businesses to live.
It caught my attention therefore when I saw the landscapers for a posh, high dollar shopping center pumping water from a small creek into a 500 gallon tank truck for their plants. They were pumping so much that they just left their pump sitting on the creek bank between runs. The little creek was down to little but a mud hole and stunk like sour mop water.
I called some of my friends to see what they thought of this. Call the police, call the police was what they thought of it. So I did. Being in the middle of such a draught they responded almost immediately, faster even than they could respond to violent domestic squabble. The outcome, however, was that there was nothing they could do. No one had thought to make it illegal for landscapers to pump water out of a creek, draught or not draught.
The rich intend to keep the privileged amenities of their wealth, no matter who is suffering. Not only will they have it, they will openly flaunt it in the faces of those who must do without.
Some of us are losing our patience and sympathy with such people.