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Memorial for Fred Bryant is today at 11am

7600 NE Glisan @ 11 am
This memorial will honor Fred Bryant, who passed away Oct. 29, 2013. Many know Fred through his tireless work to achieve justice for his son Keaton Otis, killed by Portland police May 12, 2010.

Fred's strength, love, determination and sweet spirit were a mainstay in this community. Please come honor his memory and his legacy with his family.

Highland Christian Center 7600 NE Glisan St, Portland, Oregon

the vigil continues 09.Nov.2013 21:11


In memory of the Justice Warrior, the vigil for Keaton (Fred's son) continues with the next one being this coming Tuesday, November 12, at 6 PM at NE 6th and Halsey

(More information on the vigil is on this facebook link)

{An estimated 500 were at Fred's memorial today}