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Our Censored Independent www Commentary Should not Happen on Elite Owned Web Network$ ?

We are going to continue bringing various articles from around the www to our followers as we once did on Twitter in the past.**Politically incorrect www censorship inflicted against independents like our www volunteers commentary,appears to get punished by both political parties when we choose to publish material they might not like about one of their own..
Hillary's Agenda*
1)We believe since Pope Francisco is such a down to earth loving human being, the International Catholic Church will have many other special pictures such as this to supply our current world in dire need of future hope..

**CNN en Español originally shared:

Fue un abrazo que derritió corazones alrededor del mundo: El Papa Francisco hizo una pausa por un momento para orar y colocó sus manos en un hombre severamente desfigurado. Las fotos del gesto se volvieron virales en las redes sociales.
Míralas aquí y dinos qué opinas:

Hillary's Agenda*
2)One thing all American's do not approve of is crimes against humanity being committed by any military in the world.We also know Uncle Sam will not be allowed to rewrite history on any possible past,present or future war crimes ever inflicted on others like the Japanese are attempting to do with their Nanking China slaughter.. 

**Democracy Now! originally shared:

"Even as investigations by the U.N., the Red Cross and the Afghan government all found the witnesses' testimony credible — that there were war crimes being committed by this U.S. unit — even as the bodies came out of the ground this spring, the U.S. military stuck to its denial," says reporter Matthieu Aikins, author of the major Rolling Stone exposé, "The A-Team Killings."

#Afghanistan #military

War Crimes in Afghanistan? 10 Bodies of Abducted Villagers Found Outside U.S. Special Forces Base

Hillary's Agenda*
3)Anyone presenting such an important discussion with pros in the journalism industry needed to first speak with the pros on Madison Ave,because they would have chosen a much better location to put on this seminar of minds than at Keith Alexanders suite of offices in NSA headquarters .

PBS MediaShift originally shared:
**In less than a week! Join MediaShift & Poynter as they present "Truth and Trust in the 21st Century," a discussion with pros in the industry about responsible use of digital tools in journalism and more. Wednesday, November 13th. RSVP here:  http://bit.ly/truthtrust

Truth and Trust in the 21st Century | Mediashift | PBS

Hillary's Agenda*
4)We pray the Economist staff one day soon will also have the interest to publish similar polling data on how www users in various countries also feel about millions of little children being supplied hardcore adult www porn by elite owned www network$.. 

**The Economist originally shared:
Today's #Dailychart reveals public opinions on privacy by country. India and China seem to have fewer privacy qualms than the West, while Brazil holds similar views  http://econ.st/192OOUh

Hillary's Agenda*
5)How dare Russia's President Vladimir Putin imprison 30 Greenpeace young caring activist citizens of the world for destructive International greedy Oil Barons,who are more interested in temporary profit$ than Mother Earths future~possible environmental demise ..

Josephinachristina wernke originally shared:


Hillary's Agenda*
6)When will Japan allow International tourists to accompany your countries whaling slaughter boats,on these modern day life & death experience$ for the whales & tourists alike ?

PERFECT JAPANESE LIFESTYLE originally shared to Japan (» ­General):
If you happen to be in Tokyo on your winter holiday, you have opportunities to indulge in lots of activities. You can do several exciting things in the winter  link to www.travel-network.info

Hillary's Agenda*
7)We predict the 2016 political team of Hillary Clinton & President Bill Clinton will help New Jersey Governor King Kong Chris Christie lose his 400 lbs & future presidential aspirations..

Democrats take aim at Christie

Hillary's Agenda*
8)President Bill Clinton sent us this video and wanted our opinion if we thought Hillary also might appreciate this presentation from him prior 2016 election cycle ?
AOL originally shared:

On Nov. 7, 2003, "Love Actually" was released in 576 theaters in North America:  http://aol.it/1dQ3cEF
[Image / crushable.com ]

Hillary's Agenda*
9)These 4 big cheese Twitter profiteer$ various facial reactions within this picture appears to express they all believe they just got off with robbing a bank ??

NBC News originally shared:
Twitter honchos hit $4 billion jackpot in stock's debut
Twitter co-founders Evan Williams and Jack Dorsey, along with CEO Dick Costolo, just saw their combined paper wealth soar to about $4 billion as the company's shares popped following its initial public offering.
More from +CNBC :  http://nbcnews.to/1c29I94
Photo: Andrew Burton / Getty Images