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HIT PIECE on KBOO by Current Mike Janssen

Proving Current is just another MSM fascist outlet and Janssen is another hack for the Man

"Marathon public meetings became tense and emotional, prompting some board members to resign. Dueling factions backed separate slates of nominees for board elections, with a "Committee to Keep KBOO as KBOO" formed to beat back Fitch's efforts."

"Others who backed Fitch worry that KBOO has suffered self-inflicted wounds, compromising its ability to attract foundation funding or to grow the audience that provides its primary source of revenue, listener donations.

KBOO's staffers "want to do things the way they've always been done," says Marc Brown, a board member who resigned in May as the dispute grew more intense. "That's a big obstacle to KBOO's continued survival. . . ."

"Membership on the decline"

"KBOO doesn't buy Arbitron data, so its audience can't be measured. But its donor base has dropped almost 30 percent in less than a decade. It had 7,000 members in 2004, according to a 2008 National Federation of Community Broadcasters assessment. As of May, KBOO had 5,000 members, Fitch said in her KBOO appearance."

"In 2007, the station lost its annual $200,000 federal subsidy because it fell below minimum listener-support requirements for CPB's community service grant program. It has run deficits since 2008, covering shortfalls with reserves.

To reverse the decline, some staffers and board members argued, KBOO needed stronger leadership. Since the 2010 departure of station manager Arthur Davis, KBOO had been managed collectively by staff.

"We did not have the crucial skills, training and experience to manage and protect KBOO," wrote Debbie Rabidue, a former finance coordinator, in a May 5 post on Portland's Indymedia website. "Not much really got accomplished in that 2 and a half year period."

"The analysis found that many of KBOO's policies were outdated and "convoluted," Fitch said in her May interview. Job descriptions were not clearly defined: after Davis resigned, staffers had divided up his responsibilities among themselves. NFCB had recommended in 2008 that KBOO update its staff structure, Fitch said, and the FCC had frowned on its practice of allowing employees to hold interim positions over extended time periods."

""That's standard fare for corporate America," wrote KBOO volunteer Theresa Mitchell on Save KBOO, the blog of the Committee to Keep KBOO as KBOO. "[A]nd it is a big reason why we have KBOO, as an alternative." Mitchell hosts a show described on KBOO's website as a "weekly counterpropaganda and Left opinion program."

"I have been convinced that a small faction desired to remake KBOO as a toothless and inoffensive boutique station," Mitchell added.

Mitchell and other critics of Fitch allege that the station manager also intended to revamp the station's eclectic programming. Fitch wanted to "change the nature of the radio station from an all-volunteer station to having more syndicated programming and more paid hosts," said KBOO's Soderberg. "Her vision for what KBOO should be challenged its traditional focus on the underserved and underrepresented, giving a voice to the voiceless."

But during a May 4 station meeting, Fitch said, "I have never talked about watering down the programming. . . . I don't have time to think about programming," according to a transcript on KBOO's website.

At times, the tenor of the disagreements veered toward the personal. In a May 7 Indymedia post, Mitchell linked to an online record of Fitch's December 2012 arrest in Portland for driving under the influence.

Fitch discussed the DUI in her May 19 appearance on KBOO. She explained that she was falling asleep after leaving a KBOO event and had erred in trying to drive home.

Escalating personal attacks spurred Brown to resign from KBOO's board. "I'm fine with arguing issues and discussing issues," said Brown, an attorney who has also served on the board of a Portland food co-op. "But I don't do it in situations where people are going to make personal attacks and not listen to the facts."
A tarnished image?

Who writes this shit?

CPB/Reserves Bullshit 07.Nov.2013 01:00


"In 2007, the station lost its annual $200,000 federal subsidy because it fell below minimum listener-support requirements for CPB's community service grant program. It has run deficits since 2008, covering shortfalls with reserves. "

Theresa Mitchell exposed this as a lie before already:


"false statement about cash reserves 14.Jul.2013 10:54
tm link

KBOO's cash reserves are from bequests. Federal money was intentionally cut off for small, nonconformist operations like KBOO, a decade ago. Federal money was not "ignored" or "squandered." It was cut off. It is not now, nor will it be available, no matter how much KBOO kisses the flag. And that's good, because we cannot be controlled by the CPB's dumbed-down agenda. We have never been in the business of making money, and the statement that "KBOO's income is dwindling" is irrelevant. We continue to make better and better radio, and we continue to be more and more effective as honest purveyors of public affairs broadcasting and journalism.


Yay for Theresa for telling it like it is!!!!!!

KBOO Is Likely Under Attack By The Republican/Democrat Class War Machine 07.Nov.2013 08:58


First, the above link to the savekboo site is broken; it should be:

Now consider:
BlueOregon.com — June 04, 2013 — by Ben Hoyne —
The Election No One is Talking About

45 years ago, KBOO Community Radio was launched as a vehicle to serve the community. The programming charter begins "KBOO shall be a model of programming, filling needs that other media do not, providing programming to unserved or underserved groups." How many policy wonks here would argue that the progressive community in Portland is underserved if not unserved?

The beauty of KBOO is that the community, people like you and me, controls it locally. KBOO is governed by 12 members of the board of directors, who are elected solely by the membership. For the past many years, even decades, KBOO has been controlled by a shrinking number of people. In the 2012 board election, maybe 500 people voted and the leading vote getter got just over 300 votes. Three Hundred Votes. In a city the size of Portland, this would be the other 1%.
[....] [....]
My [Ben Hoyne's] goal is to get 1,000 people to pay $20 to become KBOO members and VOTE in the September board election. The ballot will be mailed to you; all you have to do is mail it back.

We need to get 1,000 people willing to place a $20 bet on progressive media, on community radio, on KBOO. Ballots will be mailed in late July, so you need to become a member soon.

If you really wanted to get involved, you could even run for the board. Board applications are due June 28th.

I'll be posting more information in the days and weeks to come at Campaign4KBOO.org

Note: The Campaign4KBOO website is still a white screen at the moment:

It seems likely that Ben Hoyne is a sincere progressive trying to do some good. Unfortunately, he is involved with the BlueOregon organization which is not so innocent. Look at their corporate website. I have done some link back-tracking, and BlueOregon turns out to be a front for the Democrat division of the super-rich Republican/Democrat class war machine. But they are not making this fact obvious now. So if Ben Hoyne contributes book-loads of value content to BlueOregon.com, and he later criticizes some major nominated Democrat candidate, he will almost surely get banned for all his efforts.

This illustrates a critical vulnerability regarding KBOO's decision making procedures. Perhaps new members should be granted one vote during their first year, two during their second year, and three after their third year. Previous members who left might be granted some exceptions. And perhaps there should be some mechanism to expel members who egregiously flaunt the station's mission.

KBOO's corporate structure seems to be a mess. Following modern usage, boards do not have "board presidents"; they have "board chairmen." Analogously, you wouldn't want to go to court for a traffic ticket and face a judge who insisted on being called a "clerk." It appears that the station manager should also wear the hat of president; or, generally by law, someone must be the president. (preferably not a board member as the president has too much power to begin with, such as the power to bind the corporation). All corporations have "charters" which define their mission, basic structure, and so on, and a charter provision always overrides the bylaws. Yet I have heard nothing so far about the charter, which is quite odd. How will KBOO deal with its problems if it fails to straighten out this mess?

Finally: There is a major economic depression happening right now. Vast numbers are unemployed. People don't have money to spare. So contributions will inevitably diminish. At the same time, alternative media and entertainment are needed more than ever.

link backtracking? 07.Nov.2013 11:02


"I have done some link back-tracking, and BlueOregon turns out to be a front for the Democrat division of the super-rich Republican/Democrat class war machine"

Please provide us with the results of your research then.

Clyde and blues, lol 07.Nov.2013 11:48

Let me help

Clyde, if you follow this shit you know all blues is doing is repeating KBOO propaganda. It's a nice twist giving Hoyne the benefit of the doubt, but everything else is straight from Ani Haines conspiracy play book.

And blues...OMG you are sad. If you really believe that Blue Oregon is a front for the Illuminati ruled Rep/Dem "war party", you should know it's a rumor started by a friend of Ani and Theresa's at of all places Blue Oregon:


Christine Homitsu White · Hands on owner at People's Food Co-op
So I understand the blogger that runs BO isn't even an Oregon resident. What's up with that? DNC operative or what/

T.a. Barnhart · Following · Top Commenter · Owner/Writer/Videographer at Barnhart Media
Christine Homitsu White Kari's been a Portland resident for years. he lives about a mile from me, over in the Lloyd Center neighborhood. on NE Multnomah. there are a few infrequent out-of-state contributors who used to be Oregon residents. but the rest of us live in & are active in Oregon.

Kari Chisholm · Top Commenter · President at Mandate Media · 207 subscribers
Christine Homitsu White Um.... what? I've lived in Oregon since I was in Kindergarten, save for a brief four years in exile during college.

I'd love to hear where you heard that misinformation...

And everyone knows "Save Kboo" is a nym of Theresa Mitchell. Must be taking a break from her vac in Mexico.

Last point on what blues wrote:

"At the same time, alternative media and entertainment are needed more than ever."

They may be needed more than ever, but the people in control of them are either gullible naifs, or predatory narcissists running toxic groups fronting scammers(wireless radiation fraud anyone?). Until that changes "alternative media" is fucked. I'll reserve my support for OPB and NPR who are not perfect, but have the basic professionalism and decency NOT to harass and stalk their employees.

KBOO will never live down their treatment of Lynn Fitch, the most blatant evidence KBOO is being run like a DANGEROUS CULT.

You're welcome.

Evidence Now: BlueOregon — Our Party, America's Party 07.Nov.2013 12:14


Wikipedia — BlueOregon

BlueOregon is a high profile progressive blog covering the politics of the U.S. state of Oregon. With between 3,000 and 4,000 readers a day, it is the most read Oregon political blog.[1] It is often mentioned in articles on Oregon politics by The Oregonian, the state's largest newspaper.[2][3][4] Over 30 regular contributors cover Oregon-centric political stories. Guest contributors have included most major Democratic politicians in Oregon.

The blog was launched in July 2004[5] by Kari Chisholm, Jeff Alworth, and Jesse Cornett. Cornett was a political activist and staffer for several Oregon elected officials, and has since run twice for public office, and run a Portland pub, The Guild. Alworth is a freelance writer and the author of two nationally known (but now-defunct) political blogs — Notes On the Atrocities and the Oregon Blog, as well as the author of the Beervana blog. Chisholm runs Mandate Media, a political consulting and Internet strategy firm.

BlueOregon was the only blog from Oregon officially credentialed for floor access to the 2008 Democratic National Convention in Denver, Colorado.[6]

In case you don't believe Wikipedia:

BlueOregon — BlueOregon: Headed to Denver — 2008

Four years ago, BlueOregon was barely just a couple weeks old when we first blogged the Democratic Convention. Anne Martens, Jesse Cornett, and Lew Frederick brought you regular posts from the floor (see our July 2004 archives - look for July 26-29.)

Even then, Barack Obama electrified the crowd - and we dedicated an entire thread just to his speech.

Four years later, and we're going further. Two of our regulars are delegates - Andrew Simon and Paulie Brading. And BlueOregon's the official credentialed blog for Oregon - with editors Jeff Alworth and Kari Chisholm on the scene. We'll be bringing you regular coverage every day.

But we're going one step further. A number of our regular readers - including Mac Prichard, Jefferson Smith, Rep. Larry Galizio, Moses Ross, and DNC Committeewoman Jenny Greenleaf - will join Kari, Jeff, and Andrew in "micro-blogging" the week. Using Twitter.com, they'll be posting short reactions and observations from their cellphones. As always, you can join in the conversation in the comments.

We're already firing away on all cylinders. On the jump...

Need more evidence?:

BlueOregon — Our Party, America's Party

Oregon locals Jefferson Smith and Adam Klugman submitted a video to the Democratic National Committee video contest where the winning video would be shown in front of the Democratic National Convention in Boston, where I was lucky enough to spend a few of the past days. Maybe because of the incredible production quality or maybe because of some get out the vote efforts by one of the locals the video won the contest.

It played today on the big screen of the Fleet Center in Boston. I suggest you to watch it if you haven't seen it already. My favorite scene of the video is a the very end when the caption chances from "The Democrat Party" to "America's Party".

Good enough for you?

Bad Sports 07.Nov.2013 13:35

Ed Kraus

You won back control of the radio station. Congratulations.

Now you're sour grapes because more people follow and care about a blog than KBOO?

Get a life, move on. But stop the ridiculous paranoid lies.

Blues ... you're so darned transparent 07.Nov.2013 15:45

Ed Kraus

"Perhaps new members should be granted one vote during their first year, two during their second year, and three after their third year. Previous members who left might be granted some exceptions. And perhaps there should be some mechanism to expel members who egregiously flaunt the station's mission."

Exactly. This is what I said on Blue Oregon while you morons were desperately trying to destroy the reputation of Thom Hartmann. I said that KBOO wanted to get Democrat money, but not their votes and influence on the station.


It's goddamned funny that people who describe themselves as "from the left" or somehow in favor of "democracy" could post something as horrific as you did. You've admitted you don't believe in one person, one vote. You've admitted you are for purging voter rolls of those who don't meet with your approval. You've proven KBOO is a radio club. This could have been written by Karl Rove.

By the way, in the aftermath of the horrible election at KBOO, I was forwarded board emails where the board discussed that they might need to more carefully vet candidates next election (like me). BYE BYE DEMOCRACY at KBOO. BYE BYE inclusion of dissent. BYE BYE any remaining pretense that KBOO is not under the tight control of a very paranoid few.

Ed Kraus — You Are So Transparent You Are An Orphan! 07.Nov.2013 16:41


Traditionally, "One man, one vote" has been an expression of disapproval regarding the unreasonable apportionment of voting districts. And also, an expression used to advocate universal suffrage. It has nothing to do with your baseless complaints. The very paranoid few? Give me a fr**kin break already! Thom Hartmann; anarchist hero? Not hardly. He is owned property.

The future belongs to the Paranoid Few. Not the Republican/Democrat Class War Machine.

So Sorry.

I've Saved Photo Images Of All The Sites I've Cited 07.Nov.2013 17:18


If they disappear I have all the images. And I will post them. Too late to escape.

Blues ... the reality 07.Nov.2013 17:31

Ed Kraus

Wow. At least you're not pretending to be love and puppies.

Here's the facts. No one who actually matters or is doing anything good for Portland is even reading this nonsense. Indymedia is a wasteland. I've lived in Portland over 20 years and never was aware of this site till I was alerted I was being defamed here by lunatics.

So, a fairly well researched article is published in Current. I doubt you ever heard of Current until you were alerted by TM to the horror of the abuse at KBOO becoming more widely known. So why does this matter to you? Now people outside of the Portland bubble have a clue how screwed up KBOO is. Why do you care? Current won't change KBOO. Go ahead and play in your private sandbox.

Living In A Wasteland? 07.Nov.2013 17:46


Go East, Young Man! Avoid the Fukushima Daiichi carcinoma.

Actually, go to Argentina. (Ignore me, of course.)